StoryBrand Certified Guide:
Everything You Need To Know

Other than the StoryBrand workshop, becoming a StoryBrand Certified Guide is probably the most demanded service offering from StoryBrand.


Not only does Donald Miller make being a Guide seem super cool and helpful, but StoryBrand Certified Guides are able to advertise the StoryBrand framework and make a commission off of it. Certified Guides can promote the StoryBrand workshop and StoryBrand pays them for it.

How sweet of a deal is that?

StoryBrand Guides are also equipped with powerful StoryBrand marketing tools that only Guides have access to, listed in the Guide directory (which is great for lead generation), and they’re a part of a network of StoryBrand Guides who support one another.

Being a StoryBrand Certified Guide is a marketing consultant’s dream – you’re given everything you need to succeed!

But what about all the fine print and details?

That’s what this “guide” is for.

Here are some of the most asked about questions and topics when it comes to being a StoryBrand Guide.

Who (or What) is a StoryBrand Certified Guide?

At a tactical level, a StoryBrand Guide is a marketing consultant. Many Guides are aptly proficient in copywriting, but there are also many Guides who specialize in video, strategy, email, social media, funnels, and any other facet of marketing you can think of.

At a more strategic level, a Guide is a brand ambassador for the StoryBrand framework. They are the ones that champion the effectiveness of StoryBrand and spread its message.

Some notable StoryBrand Guides (other than Angie Schultz of Agency Boon, of course) are:

  • Wes Gay
  • Claire Diaz-Ortiz
  • Ryan Toth
  • Joshua Gott
  • Matthew Banker

These are just a few awesome Guides. There are tons more, however. You can access the full directory here.

Marketing agencies are also able to become Certified Guides.

There is a distinction, however. Many agencies employ a StoryBrand Guide and can tout that they have a StoryBrand Guide on their team. Other agencies though, take their entire teams through the Guide certification and can then call themselves a StoryBrand Certified Agency.

So, there is Guide certification at the individual level but it’s also possible to certify a marketing agency.

And of course, we can’t forget about the Chief Guide himself, Donald Miller, alongside Dr. J.J. Peterson and Koula Callahan!

What Does a StoryBrand Certified Guide Do?

As a marketing consultant, a StoryBrand Guide helps clients identify business goals, develops strategies to achieve those goals, and sometimes executes on the strategies depending on the client/project.

Depending on their area of expertise, the Guide might get very hands-on when it comes to the execution phase. This could look like shooting the client videos and editing them, writing social media posts, and scheduling them, or writing copy for a website and doing the actual development.

Long story short, a StoryBrand Guide will do whatever is needed of them based on the project.

However, many StoryBrand Guides follow the Marketing Made Simple framework, which includes:

  • BrandScript and One-Liner
  • Wireframed Website/Landing Page
  • Lead-Generating PDF
  • Sales Email Sequence
  • Nurture Email Sequence

These tasks are primarily copywriting-focused with some design work and development. There is, of course, strategy involved as well as the Guide will have to help the client identify aspects of the PDF, target market, and other marketing related project details.

Along with the sales funnel, there are various other skillsets that one can filter by when searching for a Guide on


  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Hourly Coaching
  • Keynote Presentation Help
  • Lead Magnets
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Letters
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Videography
  • Website Copy
  • Website Development

So, it’s safe to say that if you want to become a Certified Guide, you’ll have to develop some competencies in a few of these areas to really set yourself apart.

I think Donald Miller would agree that the primary job of the StoryBrand Guide is to get results for their clients using the 7-part framework.

How Does One Become a StoryBrand Certified Guide?

Being a StoryBrand Certified Guide sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? So, how can you become a Guide and work with the clients of your dreams?

First, you need to apply to become on Guide on StoryBrand’s website. The form isn’t tedious but you will need to explain how you plan to use the certification to better the lives of your clients and attach some previous marketing work experience (e.g. website, portfolio, etc.).

Once the application is complete, you’ll have a brief interview with someone from the StoryBrand team.

After the interview, you’ll be invited to attend and complete the live StoryBrand workshop. There will be a special Guide track that you will go through with breakout sessions attended by other Guide hopefuls.

The kicker though, and this is the reason everyone isn’t lining up to be a StoryBrand Guide, the cost to attend the live workshop as a potential Guide is $10,000 approximately (we’ve heard the agency certification is roughly $30K). The potential Guide pays that $10K before attending the workshop and once they complete the workshop, they will then be a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

From there, the Guide will be ushered into the private Guide community and listen in the Clarify Your Message directory.

It’s a high price for a lot of value. StoryBrand also believes that most Guides will recoup this invest in 3-6 months after the certification. As far as we know, we haven’t met an unprofitable Guide!

Is it worth the investment? We think so.

Where Can I Obtain a StoryBrand Guide Certification?

Since you need to attend the StoryBrand workshop to get certified, you’ll need to attend the workshop either in-person in Nashville, TN or online. The latter of which is the only choice for everyone in the age of Covid-19.

Once you complete the workshop, you’ll be delivered an official StoryBrand Certified badge, which you can then place on your marketing collateral.

Quick Note: The Guide certification is good for 1-year after which the Guide will need to pay a re-certification fee. The Guide doesn’t need to re-attend the workshop, however.

Why Should One Become a StoryBrand Guide?

Does the cost of Guide Certification outweigh the benefits? We don’t think so, but ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself.

Here are just a few reasons why StoryBrand thinks their Guide certification is worth it (i.e. the value propositions).

Gain a competitive advantage

As a StoryBrand Guide, you have a certification that only a few thousand, if not hundred, marketers have. This can set you apart in the competitive field of marketing as StoryBrand is only becoming more well known by organizations.

Become a marketing expert

The StoryBrand framework takes a basic marketing skill (copywriting) and cranks the value out of it. If you can master copywriting, you can essentially do anything in marketing. The framework itself is also proven to provide clients with results. So, understanding and applying the StoryBrand framework will put you light years ahead of other marketing consultants.

Grow your marketing business

If you’re a consultant, more than likely you work on your own and in charge of your own business. Becoming a StoryBrand Guide gives you access to a framework that you can not only use with your clients, but your own business. Being listed in the Guide directory and connected to other Guides also helps with aspects of lead generation, which means more business for you!

What Is The Salary Of A StoryBrand Certified Guide?

According to the company itself, a StoryBrand Certified Guide can expect to easily make $100,000 in a year by working directly with clients.

If you charge $50 an hour, then $100,000 a year is in sight.

And this is only counting if you do direct work for clients. StoryBrand Guides have the added bonus of selling StoryBrand courses and workshops, which can increase your passive income.

Surely a Guide could sell only online courses and workshops from StoryBrand and rake in the commission.

However, you’ll earn your annual salary by working directly with clients.


When Can One Become a StoryBrand Guide?

If all this reading about Guide certification has whet your appetite, then go to, attend the next workshop, and become a StoryBrand Certified Guide!

It’s as simple as that and we absolutely guarantee you will not regret it.


Being a StoryBrand Certified Guide is totally worth it. With certification, you’ll be able to work with clients you love and get paid a higher premium. It’s a marketing consultant’s dream!

If we didn’t answer a question you had about being a StoryBrand Guide, share your question with us on Twitter. We’ll have our StoryBrand Guide tweet back and answer your question.