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Perhaps you’ve heard rumblings in the StoryBrand community about a new product offering coming soon.

Well, StoryBrand has hinted at this for a while, but next week we will have official confirmation as StoryBrand rolls out its new Business Made Simple Coach certification.

Further doubling down on the Business Made Simple brand name, the StoryBrand podcast will transition to the Business Made Simple podcast at the beginning of 2021.

But that’s a story for another time.

In this post, we want to break down a little bit about the Business Made Simple Coaching certification, and what it will take for you to become an excellent BMS Coach (aside from the certification, of course).

Let’s jump in!


Everything We Know About the Business Made Simple Coach Certification (So Far)


The BMS Coach certification will somewhat coincide with the release of Donald Miller’s new book, Business Made Simple.

Here’s a trailer from BMS that acts as a pitch on the need for a business coach.

Here’s a summary of that book from the publisher, “It’s hard to be successful without a clear understanding of how business works. These 60 daily readings from New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller focus on the tangible skills it takes to offer extreme value to your organization while building your company, your career, and your legacy.”

So, the Business Made Simple Coach will be able to offer extreme value to their clients through the form of curriculum, frameworks, and playbooks.

This is the gist of being a Business Made Simple Coach.

BMS will roll-out its Coach certification the week of October 5-9, 2020.


What Makes A Business Made Simple Coach?


Aside from the certification, of course, being a Business Made Simple Coach is going to be one of the most sought-after certifications in the business coaching industry.

BMS Coaches will be able to deliver a proven business framework to clients that not only scale their own business (and their clients) but also generate real results for their clients’ business.

Here are some of the topics that Business Made Simple Coaches will be adept at and be able to teach:

  • Character
  • Leadership
  • Personal Productivity
  • Messaging
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Execution
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Business Coaching

Some of these frameworks are already available through Business Made Simple University, but some we will have to eagerly wait for.

Perhaps until the book comes out! We’ll see.


Why Should You Become A Business Made Simple Coach?


Business Made Simple sums it up with four straight value propositions:

  1. A complete business curriculum to coach clients through
  2. Best practices on how to scale your coaching business
  3. Access to a community of coaches who know how to scale
  4. Ongoing training to grow your coaching business

If you’re a current business coach or consultant, and you’ve been looking for frameworks to teach clients or ways to scale your business, this certification is for you.

Even if you’re new to coaching, Business Made Simple offers all the tools you need to be successful.


How Much Does A Business Made Simple Coach Cost?


Switching gears to the client-side of the Business Made Simple Coach, cost really depends on your project and the level of expertise the coach provides.

Business Made Simple Coaches are able to help with a variety of projects, including:


  • Leadership and management
  • Messaging
  • Marketing and sales
  • Execution and productivity
  • Communications
  • Costs and cash flow
  • Services and products


But a Business Made Simple Coach’s obvious expertise is in overall business health.

With such a broad skillset and the variance of projects costs, we’d recommend setting aside $1K-$10K before working with a Business Made Simple Coach.


What Does Business Made Simple Coaching Look Like?


As with pricing, working with a Business Made Simple Coach might look different depending on your business needs.

More than likely, you’ll fill out the Business MRI and do a discovery meeting so you and the coach can learn about each other.

From there you’ll work out the specifics of the project.

However, if there’s a pressing need or no specific project, your Business Made Simple Coach can walk you through a curriculum.

The curriculum covers all the aspects needed to grow a business including:


  • Leadership and management
  • Productivity and execution
  • Marketing and sales
  • Accounting and finance


So, if you have something you want the Coach to help you with, they can certainly do that. But if you have a pressing business need, or just want another set of eyes on your business, a Business Made Simple Coach can do all of it.


How Does Business Made Simple University And A Business Made Simple Coach Relate To Each Other?


Since Business Made Simple University is available for $275, should I still work with a BMS Certified Coach?

Of course you should.

Business Made Simple Coaches expand on the content taught on BMSU and they can personalize the lessons for your business.

Coaches are also equipped to speak to other areas of your business that aren’t talked about on BMSU currently.

So, while BMSU is indeed valuable, it shouldn’t replace you working with a Business Made Simple Coach.


In Summary


The Business Made Simple Coach certification will play off the upcoming book, Business Made Simple, from Donald Miller.

Individuals can become a Business Made Simple Coach by getting certified through BMS.

Once certified, Coaches have access to exclusive curriculum and frameworks that they can teach clients so that both coach and client win and scale their businesses.

Interested in becoming a Business Made Simple Coach? Here’s a link to the certification.

May your business flourish.

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