StoryBrand BrandScript:
Everything You Need To Know

One of the greatest tools that StoryBrand has given us – the tool that we’d argue kicked off the StoryBrand marketing craze – is the BrandScript.

The BrandScript is the distillation of Donald Miller’s first venture into business writing, Building a StoryBrand. The seven principles in that book make up the components of the BrandScript.

While the BrandScript is simple to approach and easy to work with, it takes some skill to master its intricacies.

This is why we’ve created this comprehensive guide.

In this “Everything You Need To Know” guide on the StoryBrand BrandScript, we will define exactly what the BrandScript is, who it’s for, and many other commonly asked questions related to this great StoryBrand tool.

We begin by defining the tool itself.

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What is the StoryBrand BrandScript?

The StoryBrand BrandScript is a free marketing tool introduced to us by Donald Miller and StoryBrand.

You can find the tool here.

More specifically, the StoryBrand BrandScript allows its users to clarify the messaging of a brand, product/service, or organization.

It also doubles as a tool to help business owners and marketers craft a brand story.

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What Can I Use the StoryBrand BrandScript For?

Famously, individuals and organizations have used the BrandScript to clarify their brand’s story. However, there are many other marketing (and non-marketing) assets you can create by beginning with the BrandScript.

Below are a few:

  • New product/service line
  • Email campaign
  • Advertising campaign
  • Video
  • Speech
  • Press release
  • Flyers/mailers
  • New hire material
  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Email signatures
  • Web pages

Do you have any other ideas about how to implement the BrandScript? Shoot us a DM on Twitter and let us know. We’ll add it to this list.

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Who is the StoryBrand BrandScript for?

The StoryBrand BrandScript is for anyone who wants to clarify a message.

More specifically, business owners and marketers typically use it.

But if that isn’t you, don’t shy away from the BrandScript.

We believe anyone that has something to say can benefit from clarifying their message with the BrandScript.

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Who is the “Character” in the First Module of the BrandScript?

For those that haven’t used the BrandScript, the “Character” module is not where your brand comes in. That’s module three.

The Character in the first module is meant to be your ideal customer or target market.

When you fill out the Character module, think of a single, ideal customer, then build the BrandScript from their point-of-view. This will only serve your business and marketing.

You’ll thank us later.

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Where Can I Implement the Messaging I Come Up Within the BrandScript?

As we stated a few sections ago, there is no limit to where you can implement the messaging you create using the BrandScript.

Many marketers and business owners, however, choose to take the messaging they create with the BrandScript and use it to wireframe a website.

The Marketing Made Simple way to wireframe corresponds specifically with the modules in the BrandScript.

If you need a refresher on the MMS framework, he’s a post we wrote on that exact topic.

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Where Can I Find Someone to Help Me With My BrandScript?

The first place business owners go to get help with their BrandScript is the StoryBrand Guide directory.

Here’s a link to the Guide directory.

Another way to get help with your BrandScript is through a Certified Guide’s free offer. Many Guides give free consultations on BrandScripts and websites as an introduction.

Agency Boon also offers free, 5-minute BrandScript (and website) reviews. Check it out by clicking the button below. We’d be honored to help you clarify your message!

Do you still need help putting together your StoryBranded website?

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When did StoryBrand Release the BrandScript?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact time when StoryBrand released the BrandScript, but we believe it launched around the same time Donald Miller released his book Building A StoryBrand.

Building A StoryBrand expounds on the principles and teachings found in the BrandScript, so it would make perfect sense that Donald Miller would release both in tandem.

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When is the Best Time To Use the BrandScript?

The absolute best time to use the StoryBrand BrandScript is at the outset of a campaign or before you wireframe a website.

Ideally, you would lay the messaging foundation and then build your campaign assets or website.

Of course, if you’re now just coming across the BrandScript and you have a website or campaign in-market, develop your BrandScript and use it to do some A/B testing.

Test various aspects of copywriting and headlines that pit your old copy against the copywriting you crafted in your BrandScript.

We theorize you’ll see a dramatic improvement.

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Why is the StoryBrand BrandScript Such a Powerful Marketing Tool?

The StoryBrand BrandScript is such a powerful marketing tool for two reasons: 1. It’s simple, free, and easy to use, and 2. You can see the immediate value by implementing it in your business.

You don’t need a marketing degree to use the BrandScript and you don’t have to pay anything either!

Like we mentioned in the earlier section, implementing the copywriting you develop while working with the BrandScript can lead to drastic improvements in your business. Specifically, the BrandScript can positively affect your bottom line.

So, the BrandScript is super simple to use and it can add immense value to your business if you implement it.

That’s a winning business tool right there.

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Why Should Business Owners and Marketers Invest in a BrandScript?

Did you not just read the previous section?! You can add immense value to your business at no financial cost by using the BrandScript!

But in all seriousness, every business owner can benefit from having a clearer brand message that they can use across their marketing materials.

You’d be losing out on awareness, engagement, leads, and sales by not using the BrandScript.


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In Summary

In this “Everything You Need To Know” guide on the StoryBrand BrandScript, we looked at several of the most frequent questions about the BrandScript.

Do you have a question about the StoryBrand BrandScript that we didn’t answer? Send us an email with your question. We’ll answer it and add it to this guide for others.

And if you already have a BrandScript but simply want more eyes on it, have one of our StoryBrand Certified Guides review it for free.

Here’s to your finely tuned message using the StoryBrand BrandScript.