StoryBrand for Saas: How to Increase Customer Retention

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Running a business that offers Software as a Service (SaaS) or being a SaaS marketer is no doubt amongst the toughest jobs out there.  After all, how do you sell something that has no physical presence? And how do you sell software to organizations that are likely to be unaware that they need one?

But despite the challenges, one thing is sure – the market for SaaS businesses is indeed very promising. While technological advancements have eased lives, they have also made things quite complex for managing an organization. Be it small or large; organizations require certain tools and platforms to help them manage day-to-day operations and keep everything running smoothly. And this is where SaaS comes to their help.

Thus, all you need is to adopt the right marketing strategy for Saas. What is that you might ask?

Well, it’s storytelling.


The Importance of Storytelling


Storytelling is nothing new. Stories have been used since the beginning of time to convey a message effectively and create a lasting impact on the audience’s mind. What’s relatively new though is the use of storytelling in the corporate world.

As the market today becomes flooded with goods and services and competition becomes more and more severe, businesses are turning to this ancient art to rise to prominence, succeed and prosper. This is because by narrating a story, organizations are able to attract customers and get incredible returns on investments that are hardly achievable by any other marketing technique.


StoryBrand for Saas


You must have heard the buzz created by StoryBrand when it comes to online marketing, but if you are doubtful about getting StoryBrand for Saas, let’s take a look at why storytelling is essential for a SaaS business.

  • Clarifies Your Message

Rather than stating what you sell, listing its features or telling the applications of the software on your website, turn your message into the form of a story. Inviting your customers to take center stage and then focusing on the story of how your products helped make your customers lives easier is a much clearer way to convey your message.

  • Increases Sales

Once the visitors on your website or the potential customers are able to grasp the concept of your software service and realize it can help them too, your sales are bound to increase automatically.

  • Builds a Positive Brand Image

If your stories revolve around your customers and the benefits that your service has provided them, then not only will it attract more clients in the future, but also build a positive brand image and establish you as a reliable and trustworthy business.


Get the Wand, Do the Magic!


Achieve the success that you have always wanted just by simply telling a story. Does it seem too good to be true?

Well, it’s real!

Saas companies that implemented the StoryBrand strategy on their website have witnessed immediate increasing returns on their change in direction.

Are you looking for StoryBrand website examples?

Get inspired by our favorite StoryBranded website examples!

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