Being a Financial Advisor is no easy battle. You are constantly facing new self-serve technologies, competition from big companies and a volatile market that can cause uneasy feelings among your potential clients. Using StoryBrand for Financial Advisors can help you clarify your message and get more clients, fast. 

As if the growth of regulatory compliance isn’t by itself enough to make your head spin. You are now facing another challenge: how to attract new customers.

A survey conducted by Practical Perspectives shows that roughly 60% of advisors identify attracting new clients as their leading challenge. So how do you rise above that? And how can you become a Financial Advisor that doesn’t have to worry about attracting new business?

The answer to that is creating a compelling story and making your customer the hero. You have to understand your customers’ challenges and convince them through your marketing collateral that you have all the tools necessary to guide them through their journey. As a Financial Advisor, you have to show your customers empathy. Wealth Management companies have to acknowledge and understand their clients’ fears, challenges, and goals.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and attract new business with more ease, you need a story that people can identify with.

Your marketing efforts should be geared toward creating a compelling story where you know what’s best for your clients and you can take them there. Unfortunately, most Financial Advisors are so close to their own business that their message scares potential clients away.

They use way too many industry-specific terms which for the average Joe are difficult to understand. This makes potential clients walk away, searching for someone more familiar and empathic. They skip from one website to another until they find a Financial Advisor who understands their problems and has the capacity to solve them.

So how can you have a website that attracts leads and converts them into customers?

The answer to that is quite simple: developing a compelling brand requires a compelling story about your customers. When marketing their goods and services, businesses tend to focus on themselves. You may be talking about your annual sales, the number of employees in your organization, and the methods and techniques you use. But this is not what your customers are interested in.

What they are looking for is how they will benefit if they invest in your brand.

Therefore, tell your customers a story that revolves around their needs being fulfilled and their problems being solved when they buy your services. If the introductory message on your website says that ‘We provide comprehensive financial counseling,’ then it is unlikely to catch the customer’s attention. But saying for instance, ‘Reduce your taxes and reach your goals 10 years faster than average.’ is a much surer way of luring customers.

A compelling story

StoryBrand provides an elaborate yet unbelievably easy framework that your wealth management firm can follow to turn your website into a gateway to increased sales, higher profits, and a well-reputed brand image.

We’re a one-stop, digital marketing team who transforms your StoryBrand dreams into a 24-hour per day sales funnel to attract & convert leads…while you work ahead on what’s next.

Believe it or not, we’re so close to our own business that we got outside help on the copywriting for this website…and this is what we do for a living! We’re great at what we do but being too close to your business can be crippling, and outside perspective is the solution that’s worked for dozens of StoryBrand-loving clients who utilize our services each year.

One thing you should know: We really hate sales calls, so we start with a no-pressure chat about what you need & what we do. If we’re a match, we’ll propose a plan that will help your business win. Because, bottom line: When you pair a message that resonates with an offer that’s irresistible, then pop it in front of the right audience: It works, every time.

So, schedule a call. Or if you’re worried the “non-sales call” thing is a gimmick, try an absolutely no-pressure way to feel us out instead – Get a Free 5-minute StoryBrand Review. Whichever route you take, do it today. So you can stop dreaming about what could be…and bring it to life.

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