5 Things Your StoryBrand Website Should Include

5 Things Your StoryBrand Website Should Include image

5 Things Your StoryBrand Website Should Include

You’ve read Marketing Made Simple and you’re anxious to put together a StoryBranded website. But you’re strapped for time.

As we’re sure you know, this is a frequent problem that most small business owners face – too much to do and not enough time.

This is why we’ve compiled the top five things your StoryBrand website should include above all else.

If you only have time to implement these five aspects, or you want to spruce up your current site so it’s a bit more StoryBranded, then these are the five you should focus on.

Let’s jump in.

An Aspirational Identity

If the customer is the hero of your brand story, then you need to let them know what they should expect to achieve by using your product/service. This is where an aspirational identity comes into play.

An aspirational identity is who your customer wants to become. It’s as simple as that.

Perhaps your customer wants to become a marketing genius or a productivity master. 

You need to let them know that they can achieve this by doing business with you. Bonus points if you can highlight customer testimonials that show the transformation you’ve helped other customers achieve.

One sure-fire way you can display an aspirational identity is by including a big, beautiful image in the header of your website of the person that your customer wants to become. For example, a smiling and successful marketer or a focused and productive businessperson.

It’s relative to who you’re trying to reach.

Regardless, showing the transformation that people can achieve by doing business with you will cause your potential customers ears to perk up.

A Direct Call-To-Action

With an aspirational identity in place and emphasized, the next crucial item for your StoryBranded website is to include a direct call-to-action (CTA).

This is crucial and often overlooked by many businesses.

A direct CTA is crucial because it encourages those that want to do business with you to do business with you!

If there isn’t a clear next step for a customer’s path to purchase, then they simply won’t do business with you.

Many businesses also overlook the direct CTA because they don’t want to be pushy or their direct CTA is too vague. These are mistakes.

It’s not pushy to ask for the sale from someone who is interested and CTAs like “Learn More” are simply too vague to cause a customer to act.

Include a strong CTA on your site such as “Buy Now” or “Setup A Consultation” and we promise you’ll see higher conversion rates.

If a customer doesn’t know what the next step in the relationship is, they’re likely to opt out and forget about you.

A Transitional Call-To-Action

Continuing with the theme of CTAs, your StoryBranded website needs to include a transitional call-to-action. Why? Because not everyone that lands on your website is going to buy from you immediately.

You must woo your potential customers and get them warmed up to your brand.

You do this by taking the position of the guide and offering something of value to them before asking something of them.

This could be a video series, or a PDF, a checklist, or something totally unique that you think up. However, it must be packed with value and enticing enough for your potential customer to give up their email address in exchange for it.

Not including a transitional CTA is a big mistake because you’re letting all those potential customers slip through the cracks.

Include a transitional CTA and a few email autoresponders and watch your email list and pipeline grow.

Very Simple Text

Again, this part of a StoryBranded site is often overlooked by many business owners because they view their website as an informational tool rather than a sales tool.

In essence, it’s both. But your website’s primary purpose should be to increase sales and leads. A static website is a wasted asset.

So, the fewer amount of words on your website, the better.

Nobody reads websites anymore – they scan them. If they’re interested in learning more about your brand, they’ll look for more information. This is a good opportunity to include an explanatory paragraph. 

But for all intents and purposes, the less copy, the better. That way customers don’t have to burn too many calories to understand what you offer and how it can make their lives better.

Try to parse down your website copy and get it as clear and succinct as you possibly can. You’ll thank us later when your bounce rates go down.

Customer-Focused Copy

Another copywriting mistake that many business owners make is that they talk too much about themselves.

Here’s a simple test to see if you talk more about your brand then you do the customer – count how many times you use the word “we”, “us”, “me”, “my”, or “I” on your website and compare that to how many times you say “you”. Chances are you’re use that first string of words far more than you use the word “you”.

This simple test will help you to determine if you need to talk more about your customer and the problems they face.

Focus on the external, internal, and philosophical problems that your customer faces. Really dig into those problems so that your customer knows you understand them, and you can position yourself as the guide further down the road.

When you talk more about the customer and less about your brand, you’ll always win.


Those are the five things your StoryBrand website should include.

  1. An aspirational identity
  2. A direct call-to-action
  3. A transitional call-to-action
  4. Very simple text
  5. Customer focused copy

If you include anything on your StoryBranded website, be sure to include these aspects.

And if you’re unsure of your StoryBrand website or you just want a second set of eyes on it, check out our Free 5-Minute Review. Our StoryBrand Certified Guide will give you personalized and practical advice on your website.

Here’s to a more engaging and effective website.

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