StoryBrand For Photographers: A Perfect StoryBrand Photography Website

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As various industries and brands begin to adopt the StoryBrand framework, there’s one profession that we believe suits StoryBrand for websites exceptionally well.

That profession is photography.

Photographers always have amazing images that they can highlight to appeal to an aspirational identity. Many photographers also rely on their website as their primary means of lead generation.

This positions the photographer well to adopt the StoryBrand framework.

Because photographers are positioned so well to adopt the StoryBrand framework, we wanted to display an example of a perfect StoryBrand photography website. That site being Robert Jinks Photography.

Get ready to look at some snapshots and take some notes.


Why This StoryBrand Photography Website Works


There are several reasons why this photography website works. For one, it follows the StoryBrand framework to a “T”. It’s also incredibly fun and beautiful! It’s simple, clear, and really compelling for the user.

Below is a bit more on each of these components for this StoryBrand photography website.


It Follows the StoryBrand Framework


We geek out over a beautiful StoryBrand website. So, when we come across one, we just have to brag on it and analyze it a bit.

The header is a prime example of a great StoryBrand website. The aspirational identity is immediately clear and compelling to the user. The copy also complements rather than subtracts from the image and aspirational identity.

There are also three calls-to-action that are immediately noticeable – two direct CTAs and one transitional CTA. For those looking to connect with the photographer right away, they know exactly what to do. For those that need a bit more time and trust, there are resources for engaged couples that they can check out.

If you have a photography website and you’re looking to implement StoryBrand, follow this example. It’s a good one.


It’s Fun and Beautiful


One thing that we see with so many photography websites is that they appeal to luxury and elegance. This StoryBrand photography website takes a different approach. It appeals to the fun side of photography and how every marriage is an adventure that spouses embark on.

In a world where much of photography appeals to class and elegance, positioning a brand in a fun and creative manner is a breath of fresh air.

Not only is there an element of fun to the site, but it’s also beautifully designed. It’s symmetrical in areas that it needs to be symmetrical and it’s asymmetrical in areas that it needs to be asymmetrical.

Another fun design detail is that, if you look closely, you’ll see a map in the background of the site’s third section. Again, this is an appeal to the adventure of marriage and other big life events.

It’s a seriously nice touch.


It’s Simple, Clear, and Compelling


Another reason that this StoryBrand photography website works is that it is simple, clear, and compelling.

Compared to other websites, this site is quite short. The shortness is not to its detriment however, in fact, we believe it works in its favor. Having a simple website makes it very clear what the user’s goal should be.

Which brings us to the clearness of this website. There is ample white space throughout the site and the ratio of text to images is perfect. Many photographers highlight their images without any copywriting in the hopes that the image will speak for themselves. While they do, it is much more effective to pair beautiful images with well-written copy.

Finally, the site is compelling. Heck, if we were engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, this is the one we’d want to work with! Robert doesn’t talk about his story too much, rather, he talks about his ideal customer’s story – and it works.

The site is simple, clear, and compelling.




If you’re a photographer looking to implement the StoryBrand framework on your website, be sure to check out Robert Jinks.

He uses the StoryBrand framework in remarkable fashion, his site is both fun and beautiful, and overall, his site is simple, clear, and compelling.

This StoryBrand photography website is a shining example amongst many other photography websites out there. Be sure to learn from Mr. Jinks and show him some love!

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