An Inside Look: A Sample Sales Email Sequence

An Inside Look: A Sample Sales Email Sequence

Sales emails can be a great way to increase revenue for your business. However, many business owners struggle to create sales emails that actually convert potential clients into customers. To help take some of the mystery out of sales emails, we are giving you an inside look at a sample sales email sequence. You can use these emails as a template or inspiration for your own email marketing campaigns. These six emails follow the proven Marketing Made Simple sales email sequence so that you can get a feel for what it might look like in action.

Email 1: Deliver the Lead Generator

In this first email, all you want to do is deliver the lead generator that your prospective client signed up for on your website or landing page. You aren’t selling or giving out extra information. You are just thanking them for giving you some space in their email inbox and sending them the helpful information you promised on your lead generator landing page or sign up form.
This is the email new subscribers receive when they sign up for our email list:

Sample Sales Email Sequence

Note: The rest of the sample emails listed in this post are fabricated examples, not the actual email copy we use.

Simple, straightforward, and to the point. 


Some people choose to add a P.S. at the end of their initial email that includes a sales-related call to action. For us, this could be something like:

P.S. If you’d like to get on the fast track to having your own StoryBranded website, schedule a call to talk with one of our StoryBrand Certified Guides. We specialize in helping business owners create clear messaging and amazing StoryBranded websites designed to grow your business.


Email 2: The Problem + Solution Email

Two to three days after your potential customer has received the lead generator email, you want to follow up with a problem and solution email. The goal of this email is to identify a specific problem your customer is dealing with and then position your product or service as the solution to that problem.

When you present your solution, remember that your main focus should still be on the transformation and success your ideal client will experience by using your product or service. You are not so much describing all the amazing features of your offering as you are painting a picture of what success could look like for your potential client if they use your product or service.

A step-by-step formula for this email would look something like this:

  1. Describe a specific problem.
  2. Show empathy.
  3. Introduce your solution and authority to solve the problem.
  4. Call them to action.


Sample Problem+Solution Email

If you are like most of our clients, you’ve fallen head over heels in love with the StoryBrand framework. As soon as you finished Building a StoryBrand or Marketing Made Simple, you busily began implementing what you’d learned. 

And then….crickets. Nothing.

Or maybe you saw some improvement but for some reason your marketing still wasn’t getting the results you wanted. 

You felt frustrated and confused. The framework seemed so simple, logical and easy to implement. Yet, you weren’t getting the results you’d hoped for. You knew something was off, you just weren’t sure what.

We understand how frustrating it is to work hard implementing a new technique only to have the results fall short of your expectations.

The good news is, there is nothing wrong with you, your business, or StoryBrand. You are probably just too close to your product or service to describe it in a way that resonates with your ideal client.

That is why working with a StoryBrand Guide is so beneficial. Not only have we spent hours learning the StoryBrand framework from Donald Miller himself, but we are also able to look at your business from an outside perspective, the way a potential client would.

At Agency Boon, we specialize in helping businesses like yours create clear messaging so that you can tell the right story, to the right audience, in the right way. 

Are you ready to put your love for StoryBrand to work for your business? Contact us today to speak with one of our StoryBrand Guides.

Talk soon, 



Email 3: Customer Testimonials

In this third email, you are tapping into the power of social proof to show how someone else achieved success using your product or service. You want to be sure this testimonial portrays the transformation your customer can experience by working with you.

Their quote, video or story should explain what their life was like before working with you, how using your product or service changed their situation, and what their life looks like now.

An outline for this email would be:

  1. Remind readers of the problem.
  2. Share a client testimonial showing the transformation.
  3. Include a clear call to action.


Sample Client Testimonial Email

Sometimes the smallest changes deliver the biggest results.

Amy had been a financial coach for eight years. Unfortunately, her business was at a standstill. She hadn’t seen any growth for the past two years. 

Frustrated, Amy contacted Agency Boon to help her figure out why her current messaging wasn’t resonating with potential clients. 

We worked together to refine her messaging and then update her website. Now, just one year later, business is booming. In fact, she is on track to double her revenue from the previous year.

If you’re feeling frustrated with lack of growth, like Amy was, and would like to give your business a boost, contact us today to speak with one of our StoryBrand Guides. 

We will combine our knowledge of StoryBrand with your expertise around your clients and business to create irresistible messaging that sets your brand up for success. 

All it takes is a 30-minute non-sales call to get started. Schedule yours today.

Talk soon,



Email 4: Overcome an Objection

In this fourth email, you want to outline the main reason why people choose not to purchase your product or service. Show empathy toward your potential customer’s objection and then follow with an explanation of how your offering can help them overcome that objection.

As with the other emails, you can also include P.S. at the end with additional information about how your business can help overcome your ideal client’s objection.

If you believe there are several big objections that keep the potential client’s from deciding to do business with you, you can include more than one objection email in your series. The beauty of this formula is that you can edit it to fit your business and your needs. Just be sure to stick to one objection, or main idea, per email. 

The formula for this email is:

  1. Outline your ideal client’s main objection.
  2. Show empathy.
  3. Show your authority to fix the problem.
  4. Call them to action.


Sample Objection Email

Often, business owners who have tried to implement StoryBrand on their own without much success start to believe that maybe StoryBrand just won’t work for their business.

I understand how frustrating it is to do something to the best of your ability and not see the results you’d expected. However, after many years of working as a StoryBrand Guide, I also know that StoryBrand can work for any business, even yours.

The beauty of StoryBrand is that it’s customizable to fit any business, no matter how unique. The problem is, something that versatile is far too complex to fit into one or two books.

Our team of experts has spent hours learning from Donald Miller himself. We can help you pinpoint where your current messaging falls short so that you can effectively implement StoryBrand in your marketing. Together, we will create clear messaging that deeply resonates with your ideal client.

Don’t believe the lie that StoryBrand can’t work for you. Instill the help of a guide to unleash its full power. Contact us today to speak with one of our StoryBrand Certified Guides.

Talk soon, 



An Inside Look: A Sample Sales Email Sequence article

Email 5: The Paradigm Shift

The goal of this fifth email is to show what makes your business different from the competition. However, you still want to stay focused on your client and the transformation your offering can bring to their lives. So, instead of highlighting all the details of your product or service, show them a way their current way of thinking is costing them something or keeping them from success. 

A template for this type of email would be:

  1. Highlight a problem (that your product or service solves).
  2. Explain a new way of thinking about that problem.
  3. Call the reader to action.


Sample Paradigm Shift Email

Increasing your marketing efforts doesn’t always grow your business.

When your messaging isn’t clear and you are busy trying all the things just to see what sticks, you might as well be throwing spaghetti at the wall.

You can always keep trying, essentially throwing more spaghetti, but all you’re going to get is a messier wall.

Instead of trying harder, try smarter

If you want your business to grow, you have to stop throwing out bland, boring spaghetti and take the time to refine your recipe.

Thankfully, after years of using the StoryBrand Framework, our guides are master chefs (at least with words). We can help you create an irresistible customer story so that your ideal clients will be lining up to order what you’ve got to offer.

If you are tired of using ineffective spaghetti and ready to offer your potential customers some gourmet cuisine, contact us today to speak with one of our StoryBrand Certified Guides. We will help you refine your recipe (your messaging) so that you can tell the right story to the right audience in the right way.

Talk soon, 



Email 6: The Sales Letter

Although all the emails in this sequence have been sales emails, this one pulls out all the stops. It will be considerably longer than the rest of the emails in the series because you are using all the sections in your StoryBrand BrandScript. 

Since you’ve already got a formula for this email, your BrandScript, I’ll skip that section and head straight to the example.


Sample StoryBrand Sales Email

StoryBrand seemed like the solution you’d been looking for to improve your marketing and grow your business. It made so much sense and seemed so straightforward. Yet, when you tried to implement it yourself, you hit a wall. You saw some results but not nearly the surge you’d hoped for.

The good news is, there is nothing wrong with you, your business, or StoryBrand. You are likely just too close to all the details of your company to describe it in a way that resonates with your ideal client.

We can fix that.

At Agency Boon, we specialize in helping businesses create irresistible messaging that resonates deeply with their ideal customer.

You don’t have to add StoryBrand to your collection of great ideas that didn’t work. You can harness its full power with the help of one of our experienced StoryBrand Certified Guides. (We’ve been guides ever since it became a thing!)

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Schedule a call to speak with one of our StoryBrand Certified Guides.
  2. Get a clear plan to transform your marketing.
  3. Enjoy clarity and growth.

People need what you have to offer. Your offering is far too valuable to leave stuck in a rut. Give it the boost it needs to get growing again.

Partner with Agency Boon so that you can tell the right story to the right audience in the right way

Contact us today to speak with one of our StoryBrand Certified Guides and get started on your marketing transformation.

Talk soon,




By following the steps and techniques outlined above and you will be on your way to writing an effective sales email sequence. The Marketing Made Simple sales email sequence gives you a clear structure, and these tips will help you successfully implement the formula for yourself. You’ve got all the tools you need. Now it’s time to get started writing a sales email sequence for your business!

However, if you aren’t sure your messaging is quite clear enough to be effective, don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our StoryBrand Certified Guides. We’d love to help you tell the right story to the right audience in the right way.

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Angie Schultz

StoryBrand Certified Guide

Work With A StoryBrand
Certified Guide

So many business leaders fall in love with StoryBrand but get overwhelmed when it comes to making it work for their website.

Over the last four years, we’ve helped dozens of businesses implement StoryBrand on their websites and marketing materials.

Schedule a call with our team by clicking the form below. We’d love to chat about helping you leverage the power of StoryBrand.

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