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This past month, Donald Miller released his third business book, Business Made Simple.

If you weren’t one of the thousands of individuals to pre-order the book or buy it already, we highly recommend that you do.

The goal of the book is to deliver high-quality business education and turn the reader into a value-driven professional.

If you want to live a more meaningful life and deliver immense value to people all while being paid, then you need to take your first steps toward becoming a value-driven professional.

Miller gives us virtually all his business experience and insights in this little blue book and we are so glad everyone can finally benefit from it now that it’s released.

And if you’re looking to really dig into the book and get as much as you can out of it, then this post is for you.

We’ll look at the book, Business Made Simple, the accompanying video series, and how you can integrate these two into your morning routine to get the most value from the teachings.

Get ready because we’re going to optimize your journey toward becoming a value-driven professional by reading and watching Business Made Simple Daily.


Business Made Simple – The Book


Again, if you haven’t purchased the book, we’d encourage you to do so.

The book is the foundation of Miller’s teachings while the accompanying video series is more supplemental material.

The book is just over 200 pages and split into eleven chapters.

Miller focuses on the most important aspects of business throughout these 11 chapters.

A few of the topics include leadership, productivity, marketing, and strategy.

60 daily entries divide up the core aspects that Miller teaches and most of the topics are 5-10 daily entries in length.

So, you could spend one week learning about leadership and the following week learn about messaging!

The structure of the book is well done.


Business Made Simple – The Video Series


In addition to the book, there is also a 60-day video series that goes with each entry.

You can access these videos by emailing or you can purchase a subscription to Business Made Simple University. We recommend the latter as you get more courses than just the Business Made Simple Daily videos. It is well worth the $275/year price tag, we assure you!

As said earlier, the video series is meant to supplement the daily readings you go through.

Most of the content is the same give or take a few ad-libs from Donald Miller.


Business Made Simple and Your Daily Routine


The simplest and fastest route to becoming a well-trained value-driven professional is to read the daily entry from the book and then follow it up with the video for that day.

This way, you can absorb the content and interact with it through two mediums. It might not seem like a lot but reading and watching something adds to the retention of whatever it is you’re studying.

Once you’ve read and watched the video for the day, we’ve found it insanely valuable to write in our BMS planner following the daily entry.

You’ll learn more about this planner in the third chapter of the book, but if you want to learn about it now and download the planner, you can do so at

This ensures that we’re not only learning from Business Made Simple, but we’re also putting into action what we’ve learned.

If you’re able, we highly recommend that you do the same!

Doing all three of these things – read, watch, and journal – provides tremendous value. A value that Miller would argue, is greater than that of an MBA.

Only you can be the judge of that, however. So, you’ll extract the most value from BMS if you do the three things that we’ve recommended.

If you’re aiming to be a value-driven professional, then this challenge might excite you.


The Business Made Simple Daily Challenge


Speaking of challenges, do you have what it takes to master the aspects of business?

Do you have 15 minutes to spare for 60 days to invest in your growth as a professional?

If there was a feeling of “Yes!” inside of you, then we challenge you to take the next 60 days to become a value-driven professional.

Buy the book, read the entries, watch the videos and journal. That’s all the challenge consists of.

At the end of the 60 days, we know you will be a more valuable professional than you already are.

What have you got to lose? Nothing.

What have you to gain? A better life, a more satisfying career, more time to spend with your friends and family? You name it.

Growing as a professional will result in a greater quality of life and that’s what we want for you.

Do you accept the challenge?

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