Should You Invest In Business Made Simple Certification?

business made simple certification

In the Fall of 2020, Business Made Simple (the parent company of StoryBrand) released its coaching certification offering.

Many marketers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners lined up to be a part of the first cohort to be certified business coaches.

Since then, Business Made Simple has released its Certified Coaches into the marketplace and businesses have benefited as a result.

Have you been watching this and want to get into the coaching business?

We think you should at least consider it.

Here are our thoughts on why you should invest in a Business Made Simple certification.


StoryBrand and Business Made Simple


Before diving into our arguments for Business Made Simple certification, we want to remind you that this seems to be the direction the company (StoryBrand) is heading in.

StoryBrand began by certifying copywriters. Then StoryBrand certified Guides to help business owners walk through the SB7 framework more effectively. Now and in the future, StoryBrand will certify business coaches and consultants to help business owners create a more profitable business – not just marketing copy or campaigns.

Of course, marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, but it is only an aspect.

We believe that the future of the company StoryBrand lies in its Business Made Simple offerings. Namely, its business coaching certification.

This is the direction the company is heading in and because of that, we believe BMS certification is a secure investment for the future.

Now onto the benefits of becoming a Business Made Simple Certified Coach.


The Benefits of Becoming a BMS Certified Coach


There are many benefits to BMS certification. The three that we want to highlight for this post are:

  1. Access and licensing to use proven frameworks
  2. The ability to scale your business using those frameworks
  3. The freedom to work for yourself

In a world where anything could be the latest viral trend in marketing, having proven frameworks at your side is invaluable.

You can use these frameworks to grow your client’s business of course but you can also use them to grow your own business.

Knowing what to teach and how to teach it gives you the freedom to work for yourself as a business coach and take on the kind of clients you want to work with.

These are just a few of the benefits of becoming a Certified BMS Coach, but if you want to check out more benefits, visit the landing page.


The Costs of Becoming a BMS Certified Coach


As with any investment, there are certain costs, both financial and time-related.

The amount of time it will take you to become a Business Made Simple Coach is roughly two days. That’s how long it takes an individual to go through BMS’s certification workshop.

As for financial costs, it will cost you approximately $10K to attend the two-day workshop and become certified.

So, is it worth it to become a coach? Read what we have to say next.


What You Can Do With a Business Made Simple Certification


Not only do you get all the benefits listed in this article by becoming a BMS Certified Coach, but you also can create a whole new life for yourself and your family.

One that is much more sustainable than traditional entrepreneurship and more exciting than a regular 9-5 job.

With a Business Made Simple certification, you can have the knowledge, skills, and virtues to work with whoever you want, when you want, and at a price that you deem is fair.

That is the true value of being a BMS Coach.

That and you get to be a part of a community of the best business coaches in the world! Sound tempting yet?


In Summary


With only a few months on the market, we’ve seen Business Made Simple certify many business coaches and teach its frameworks to hundreds of individuals.

Will you join the many marketers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners who have received a Business Made Simple certification?

We hope you’ll consider it.

And if you have any questions regarding BMS certification, feel free to reach out to us.

We hope 2021 is the year you invest in your Business Made Simple certification and your business benefits as a result.

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