Negotiation Made Simple – A New Course From BMSU

negotiation made simple
On Monday, February 22nd, 2021, Business Made Simple released a new course to teach business owners and value-driven professionals an especially important skill.

That skill is negotiation.

Negotiation Made Simple aims to help students manage any negotiation so they produce more win-win outcomes in work and life.

The course even presents some fascinating statistics around negotiation:

“Business professionals spend over 50% of their time negotiating. But less than 10% of professionals have ever received formal negotiation training.”

Perhaps now you can understand why Business Made Simple University decided to release Negotiation Made Simple!

Read the rest of this article to gain an overview of Negotiation Made Simple, what the contents of the course are, and how you can benefit from learning about negotiation.

Let’s dive in.


Negotiation Made Simple: An Overview


Negotiation Made Simple is taught by Dr. John Lowry of The Lowry Group.

You might be thinking, “Wait, where’s Donald Miller?” Well, to put it plainly, BMSU got someone who is leagues better than Don at negotiating. Dr. Lowry has helped leaders from thousands of companies (including Nike and Toyota) become expert negotiators.

So, with that level of experience, we can expect some juicy information and tactics from Dr. Lowry.

The course is comprised of six modules not including an intro and an outro.

Dr. Lowry introduces the course by explaining that there are six things every master negotiator knows.

Below are the contents of the course where Dr. Lowry expounds on those six items.


The Contents of Negotiation Made Simple


The six things every great negotiator knows how to do are:

  1. Manage themselves in a negotiation.
  2. The two most common approaches to negotiation.
  3. The most critical move in competitive negotiation.
  4. The power of cooperative negotiation.
  5. How to identify and deal with tactics.
  6. How to satisfy both parties.

This is also how the course is broken down.


Negotiation Made Simple Module 1 – Managing Yourself


negotiation made simple 1


Negotiation Made Simple Module 2 – The two most common approaches to negotiation


negotiation made simple 2


Negotiation Made Simple Module 3 – The most critical move in a competitive negotiation


negotiation made simple 3


Negotiation Made Simple Module 4 – The power of cooperative negotiation


negotiation made simple 4


Negotiation Made Simple Module 5 – Negotiation Tactics


negotiation made simple 5


Negotiation Made Simple Module 6 – How to satisfy both parties


negotiation made simple 6


With this preview of the contents of the course, which module are you most excited to learn and master?


The Benefits of Learning to Negotiate


As we quoted at the beginning of this post, approximately 90% of professionals do not negotiate based on a learned strategic framework.

This puts those who are in the 10% of professionals that do negotiate based on a framework at a huge advantage.

By sharpening your negotiation skills, you can:

  • Negotiate a higher paying position (or a new position).
  • Learn to solve conflicts so both parties win.
  • Advocate for others and yourself in a strategic manner.
  • Know your worth and how to maximize your professional career.

These are just a few of the huge benefits of learning how to negotiate based on a strategic framework.


How to Get Started with Negotiation Made Simple


Negotiation Made Simple is the newest course offering from Business Made Simple University.

To take this course, along with others designed to help you grow a business, follow this link here and sign up.


In Summary


In this post, we covered the newly released course Negotiation Made Simple from Business Made Simple University.

To get enrolled in the course, go to and sign up for a subscription.

You’ll gain access to Negotiation Made Simple along with other courses to help you grow your business.

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