The StoryBrand 5 Minute Marketing Makeover

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Sometimes our marketing just needs a facelift.

We have a website, we have sales campaigns, we’re generating revenue for the business, but sometimes we don’t perform as well as we expected.

It’s okay, it happens to every small business owner and entrepreneur.

That’s why StoryBrand created a short, 3-video series on how to give your marketing the facelift.

It’s called the 5-minute marketing makeover and it’s jam-packed with the practicality and marketing goodness that you’ve come to expect from StoryBrand.

Looking to implement everything you can when it comes to StoryBrand marketing? Read on to gain a high-level view of what’s discussed in the videos as well as the tips shared.


Video 1 of the StoryBrand 5 Minute Marketing Makeover


In video 1, we see a bearded Donald Miller start by giving us some information on how the human brain works.

Miller states that the brain ultimately has two aims:

  1. To survive
  2. To conserve calories

What’s the point that Miller is trying to make? Simple – when you wireframe a website or give a keynote speech, you need to quickly highlight how the user will benefit from the information that you’re trying to give them. Lest they tune you out and ignore your message.

The second point that Miller makes is that, as business owners, we all are burdened with the Curse of Knowledge. Meaning we know way more about our product or service than our customers do. And this often comes through when we try to communicate the value of our product/service to our customers (which hinders sales). To defeat the Curse of Knowledge, we need to clarify our messages and make them much simpler.


Does your marketing pass the grunt test?

To ensure your marketing messages are uber-simple, Miller gives us three questions that we can run our website, speech, email campaign, or whatever through to simplify things.

StoryBrand calls these three questions the grunt test:

  1. What is it that you offer?
  2. How will it make my life better?
  3. What do I need to do to buy it?

If your marketing is simple and clear, then a prospect should be able to answer these three questions within five seconds of looking at your marketing materials.

If they can’t, then your marketing is likely confusing. Which would explain why people aren’t buying from you.

Once you have a simple and clear marketing message in place by focusing on these three questions, then we move on to video 2.


Video 2 of the StoryBrand 5 Minute Marketing Makeover


In video 2 of the 5-minute marketing makeover, Donald Miller promises to give us five things that will help us simplify our marketing collateral.

And he delivers!

The objective of video 2 is to help you communicate more clearly by including five specific things on your website (because most if not all of your prospects will go there to learn more about your business).

The five things are:

  1. An easy to understand tagline
  2. An obvious call-to-action
  3. A visual display of the success a client will experience if they use your product/service
  4. A bite-sized breakdown of your products/services
  5. Clear communication from your BrandScript

These five pieces could also easily be adapted to improve your keynote speech, email campaign, direct mailer, or any other marketing collateral that you have.

The final 5-minute marketing makeover video shows us examples of brands that had unclear and ineffective marketing, but after implementing some of these principles, had a much clearer message.


Video 3 of the StoryBrand 5 Minute Marketing Makeover


Video 3 begins with Donald Miller showing us some examples of brands doing well with their marketing and some doing not so well.

The first example that Miller shows us is from Anova.

Miller praises the visual cleanliness of the site and the obvious calls-to-actions. He even states that this site passes the grunt test and offers an aspirational identity for its prospective customers. In short, this is an example of a website you want to follow.

The second example that Miller gives us is from StoryBrand itself.

Miller highlights the simplicity of the site and even goes as far as to say we can copy the structure of the StoryBrand website. He also praises the obvious calls-to-action and the bite-sized breakdowns of the services they offer. When in doubt, copy exactly what StoryBrand does.

The third example that Miller gives us is from Jeb Bush (whose website is unavailable in 2020).

Miller criticizes the first image that we see of Jeb Bush as it’s an older picture. He also criticizes Jeb’s positioning as the hero rather than the guide (i.e. Jeb’s website was all about Jeb, not the American people he was hoping to stand for). Ultimately, this is an example of an unclear website. Don’t follow Jeb Bush’s website example.

Interestingly, Miller shows us a proposed website that his StoryBrand team put together for Jeb Bush. It was much clearer and more compelling than his current website with more inspirational images and obvious calls-to-action.

Miller finishes the third video by highlighting the selling points of the proposed Jeb Bush website:

  1. The ambition displayed is clear
  2. The problem shown is serious
  3. The guide is introduced
  4. The plan will work
  5. The calls-to-action are clear
  6. The stakes are defined

This, Miller posits, is a brand narrative that people will pay attention to and respond to.

We bet Jeb Bush wishes he implemented these changes during his 2016 presidential campaign.


In Summary


This has been an overview of the StoryBrand 5-minute marketing makeover.

The three takeaways from the series are:

  1. The human brain is on a mission to survive and conserve calories
  2. Implement the quick, five things shown in this video series
  3. Make sure your marketing passes the grunt test

These are simple StoryBrand concepts that we’re sure you’re familiar with. However, it’s always beneficial to remember the basics.

We hope you can make the necessary tweaks you need to your messages using the StoryBrand 5-minute marketing makeover.

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