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Nonprofits Need A New Giving Solution

If you work for a nonprofit as an executive director or within a marketing capacity, you know how crucial it is to identify a donor base. Furthermore, you know that it is essential to the mission of your organization to connect with these donors and persuade them to see the value of your organization. It’s easier for a donor to fund your mission if they see the value in what your organization is doing.

So, many nonprofits host galas and large events to attract donors and “pitch” to them the value of the organization. These tactics, however, can be very costly in terms of time and money, and sometimes don’t even result in the nonprofit breaking even on its event. A simpler and more efficient solution is necessary if nonprofits are going to scale their organizations and thus impact more people for their missions. Luckily, a solution has been introduced via Salesforce – Salesforce Giving Pages.

Salesforce Recently Announced Its Giving Pages Platform As Well As A Host Of Products To Help Nonprofits

In November 2019, Salesforce announced its new Giving Pages platform for nonprofits, which is a part of a wider suite of solutions for nonprofits. According to Salesforce, this product will be “a new end-to-end fundraising suite of products to deliver personalized supporter experiences.” In laymen’s terms, Salesforce is launching multiple digital products to help nonprofit leaders identify and engage with potential donors more effectively and efficiently. Solving the problem of nonprofits spending so much money and time trying to attract and retain donors.

What Is Salesforce Giving Pages?

More specifically, Salesforce Giving Pages is a “new front-end solution that seamlessly integrates with Sales Cloud or the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), and will help nonprofit organizations quickly create modern, mobile and search engine-optimized donation forms.” These forms will be customizable and able to reflect your organization’s brand fully.

Salesforce Giving Pages integrates with another new solution for nonprofits – Salesforce Payment Solutions. This product “easily manages secure payments with your preferred payment provider (PayPal,, Stripe, etc.).” So, nonprofits can have an easy payment solution to process transactions and a simple, customizable donation form to receive those donations along with donor information.

How Will Salesforce Giving Pages Work?

Although we haven’t had access to this new solution, we envision it working something like this. A nonprofit will create the form with its specific brand standards in mind using Salesforce Giving Pages and integrate the Salesforce Payment Solutions into that specific form. The organization will then direct online traffic to that form so donors can fill it out simply and give to the organization. This form will likely live on its own landing page to which donors can be directed to via a link or button. Making engagement with donors simple and easy.

Where Should I Place My Salesforce Giving Page On My Website?

While you can work with your marketing director to determine the best place on your website to host this form, we are fans of hosting it on its very own landing page. We would also recommend including two call-to-action buttons on the homepage of your website (one in the upper right-hand corner of your header and one in the absolute center of the header) so that it’s crystal clear to donors how they can support your organization financially. You could also include that link in other valuable spots across your other digital marketing assets (Facebook, Instagram, within an email, etc.) or on your physical marketing assets (flyers, business cards, postcards, etc.).

When Will Salesforce Giving Pages Be Available?

While we haven’t been given an official release date for Salesforce Giving Pages or the other Salesforce nonprofit solutions, Salesforce has said that it plans to release the suite of products in summer 2020.

What Are The Other Nonprofit Solutions Salesforce Will Be Offering?

In addition to Giving Pages and Payment Solutions, Salesforce will be rolling out a Nonprofit Cloud Engagement Hub that will allow nonprofits to easily communicate with users via a mobile-friendly portal. In addition to communication, nonprofits will be able to curate giving and volunteer opportunities, serve highly personalized experiences for a nonprofit’s community, and allows constituents to see their giving history with the organization. Together these three solutions – Giving Pages, Payment Solutions, and Engagement Hub – form Elevate. A fitting name to scale your nonprofit and take it to the next level.

Another exciting product that Salesforce will be offering for nonprofits is the Insights Platform. This product will help nonprofits to organize donor data and distill insights quickly and easily. Another valuable feature of the Insights Platform is that “it helps nonprofits  consolidate data with smart-matching logic, unlocking hundreds of key metrics like likelihood to give, even suggesting dynamic ask amounts, with powerful analysis tools on top of your CRM data that reveal their motivations and behaviors.” This tool will be valuable for nonprofits to determine their marketing messages and mediums as well as what amount to ask per individual donor. Making the engagement experience with your nonprofit highly personalized, unique, and effective.


Until Salesforce rolls out Giving Pages and its suite of nonprofit giving solutions, we will have to wait in eager anticipation for their release.

However, if your organization is already using Salesforce in another capacity or if you want to get the platforms up immediately upon their release, we have a team of skilled developers, designers, and strategists that can help your nonprofit do just that. Get in-touch with our team here and we’d love to work with you to determine a solution for your nonprofit.

Until then, we are anxiously awaiting the release of Salesforce Giving Pages in the summer of 2020!

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