Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud For Causes [A Quick Guide]

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Back in 2018, Salesforce announced its new Philanthropy Cloud.

This new network was meant to connect not only nonprofits and mission-driven organizations with one another but also open 501(c)(3)s to new networks of donors.

In addition to connecting with the Salesforce CRM, Philanthropy Cloud for Causes can integrate with Salesforce Elevate, Salesforce’s new suite of solutions for mission-driven organizations.

Below is a quick guide to the who, what, where, why, and when of Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for Causes.


What is Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for Causes?


According to Salesforce, the “Philanthropy Cloud is the corporate impact platform designed for this new era of giving. [Meant] to give every employee access to a global network of opportunities to donate, volunteer, and advocate for any cause.”

In more laymen’s terms, Philanthropy Cloud for Causes is an engagement platform for your employees. It’s meant to connect them with more philanthropic opportunities.

The platform carefully curates opportunities for employees looking to get something more than a paycheck out of their job.


Who is Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for Causes for?


When looking at the big picture, Philanthropy Cloud for Causes is meant to be for any mission-driven organization or corporation looking to engage its employees with more philanthropic opportunities.

More specifically, this platform is a great tool to add if you’re in human resources or in-charge of employee engagement.

We think, however, both mission-driven organizations and corporations should give Philanthropy Cloud for Causes a look.


Where Should I Employ Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for Causes?


Like many other Salesforce products, the best place to employ Philanthropy Cloud for Causes is on your website.

Since Philanthropy Cloud for Causes is itself a network, it would be best for you to integrate a login portal to your website for easy employee access.

That or if you have your own intranet would be the best place to house the Philanthropy Cloud.

Again, to provide easy access for your employees.


When will Salesforce release Philanthropy Cloud for Causes?


Unlike the other Salesforce Elevate integrations, you can currently purchase and access Philanthropy Cloud for Causes.

No waiting around 2020 for this product to drop.


Why Should I Invest in Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for Causes?


There are many reasons why you should consider investing in Philanthropy Cloud for Causes, but we’re going to give you five quickly. Check them out below.


Workplace giving

Do you simply need help getting your employees engaged in the philanthropic initiatives your company has going on? Investing in Philanthropy Cloud for Causes will make giving easy for your employees.


Employee volunteering

Or perhaps your company finds it challenging when it comes to employee volunteering. With Philanthropy Cloud for Causes, you can have employees sign up for volunteer opportunities, track their volunteer time, and receive curated volunteering opportunities that meet their interests and passions.


Matching gifts and grants

Maybe you’re looking for an end-to-end solution for your funding efforts. Philanthropy Cloud for Causes can help with that too. Everything from eligibility and application to grants distribution and real-time outcome tracking is covered in this cloud solution.


Impact reporting

Perhaps you’re just interested in the data. What better data source to use than Salesforce? With Philanthropy Cloud for Causes, you can track employee giving and volunteering in real-time. You can also measure your metrics against goals and industry benchmarks.


Mobile use

Even if you have a website, a philanthropic platform designed with mobile in mind is a must-have in the 21st century. Philanthropy Cloud’s mobile app allows employees to explore new causes, donate to nonprofits, enroll in volunteer opportunities, and log hours — all from their mobile device.


In Summary


Are you sold yet on Salesforce’s Philanthropy Cloud for Causes? We are.

The product is an engagement platform that allows employees to partake in giving and volunteering opportunities and receive curated opportunities that they’re interested in.

If you’re an organization that struggles with employee engagement, then you need to check out Philanthropy Cloud for Causes.

It’s simple to integrate with your current suite of products and it’s available to purchase right now!

You should consider investing in Philanthropy Cloud for Causes if you’re looking to boost employee giving/volunteering, keep better track of your philanthropic data, or engage employees with a mobile way to give/volunteer.

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