Salesforce Payment Services [A Quick Guide]

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In November 2019, Salesforce announced Elevate, its new end-to-end suite of products for nonprofits and educational institutions.

Since then, both industries (and us) have been awaiting its unveiling.

If you need a primer to help you get as excited as we are for Salesforce Elevate, you can read our article about Everything You Need To Know: Salesforce Elevate. It will get you up to speed and off the walls in anticipation of this new product from Salesforce.

A component of Salesforce Elevate is Salesforce Payment Services.

This service offering allows you to integrate payments into Salesforce from your donation integration or Salesforce Giving Pages.

Pretty sleek, right?

Here are the particulars about Salesforce Payment Services.


Who is Salesforce Payment Services For?


According to the Salesforce blog post announcing Elevate, the entire suite of products is intended “to help mission-driven organizations raise more resources, with far less effort, at the rapid pace of change in the world today.”

Therefore, if you work for a mission-driven organization, such as a nonprofit or educational institution, then this product is for you.

Even more specifically if you’re an executive director or president, then you should consider Payment Services.

If you’re on the marketing team of a mission-driven organization, you’ll want to consider it too.


What is Salesforce Payment Services?


According to Salesforce, Payment Services is a way to “Integrate payment services into Salesforce to accept and manage payments from your custom web donation forms or Elevate’s Giving Pages, and directly process payments in Salesforce via Nonprofit Success Pack or Gift Entry Manager .”

In laymen’s terms, it functions like a PayPal or Square.

If you receive donations online, then this product can help you process them. Even better, if you use Salesforce, it can track that donation in Salesforce and match it to the donor.

This can give you some much-needed data on your constituents.


Where is the Best Place to use Salesforce Payment Services?


If you have a website (and you should, this is the 21st century!), then integrating Salesforce Payment Services with a donation form is where you should place Payment Services.

Donating a specific landing page for this form is beneficial for two reasons:

  1. It will be super simple to direct users to (think button or link)
  2. It will be extremely easy for you to share (think of events or galas)

If you don’t have a website or a specific landing page for donations, we can help with that.


Why Should You Invest in Salesforce Payment Services?


There are many reasons why you should invest in Salesforce Payment Services, but we’ll leave you with two:

  1. You will streamline your donation process
  2. You will receive and be able to take advantage of data

With Payment Services, you will be able to give your donors a clean and seamless donation experience. From the landing page to checkout, a donor won’t drop out of the donation process because your services will be exceptional.

Additionally, you will be able to leverage loads of data from your constituents. You will be able to gather website data and engagement data. You will also have donation data and, if you’re using Salesforce, you can integrate all that data and analyze it. This is the biggest benefit, in our opinion.


When Will Salesforce Payment Services Be Available?


According to a press release issued by Salesforce, Elevate, along with Payment Services, will be released in summer 2020.

We’re on the lookout for any Elevate release date information. Visit our Everything You Need To Know: Salesforce Elevate blog post for the latest updates on Elevate’s release date.


In Summary


In summary, Salesforce Payment Services is apart of Salesforce Elevate, its end-to-end suite of products for mission-driven organizations.

Payment Services is a payment processing product that can be integrated with your current website or Salesforce Giving Pages. It also seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce CRM.

If you’re a nonprofit or educational institution, you should consider investing in Payment Services because it will provide your donors with an effortless donation process and collect tons of data that your organization can then leverage.

We’re still waiting for Salesforce Payment Services. Be on the lookout for its release this summer.

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