Salesforce Engagement Hub [A Quick Guide]

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Last November, Salesforce announced its new suite of solutions for mission-driven organizations called Elevate.

For those that haven’t read our blog post on Salesforce Elevate, the platform is composed of four new integrations: Payment Services, Giving Pages, Engagement Hub, and Philanthropy Cloud for Causes.

Since we covered Giving Pages in another post, the topic of this article will be Engagement Hub.

Beginning with “What is Salesforce Engagement Hub”?


What is Salesforce Engagement Hub?


According to Salesforce, the Engagement Hub allows “nonprofits [to] more easily communicate with supporters, curate giving and volunteer opportunities, and grow their impact on their broader community.”

Salesforce also puts it into more laymen’s terms: “[Engagement Hub] serves up highly personalized experiences for your community and allows constituents to see their giving history with your organization.”

To put it more succinctly, Salesforce Engagement Hub allows mission-driven organizations to engage with their constituents in more ways than they ever have before.

So, who is it for, exactly?


Who is Salesforce Engagement Hub For?


Like Salesforce Giving Pages, if you are apart of a mission-driven organization, such as a nonprofit or an educational institution, then Engagement Hub is for you.

If you’re the president, director, or on the marketing team of a mission-driven organization, then give Engagement Hub a try.


Where is the Best Place to Employ Salesforce Engagement Hub?


Since Engagement Hub is “a white-labeled portal for your constituents that allows you to engage with supporters, donors, volunteers, and alumni,” then the best place for you to employ Engagement Hub is on your website.

A specific landing page or behind a login portal will suffice.

Don’t have a website that you’re proud of? We can help.

Have a website but want a bit of feedback on it? We can help with that too.


When Will Salesforce Release Engagement Hub?


As of this writing, we are still waiting for Salesforce to release Elevate, along with Engagement Hub.

Check our Salesforce Elevate post for updates on the status of the release.


Why Should I Invest in Salesforce Engagement Hub?


If you’ve been struggling to engage your constituents in new and fresh ways, then you’ll need to invest in Salesforce’s Engagement Hub.

Another positive aspect of this product is that it supplies recommendations based on constituent data and directs constituents towards those recommendations (campaigns, volunteering opportunities, etc.).

So, if you need to engage constituents or present new opportunities to them, then you should invest in Engagement Hub.


In Summary


In summation, Salesforce Engagement Hub is a white-label portal meant to engage your constituents in new and fresh ways.

It’s for those in leadership at a mission-driven organization.

If you’re sold on Engagement Hub, then your website or a landing page on your site is the best place to house it.

If you still need a few more reasons as to why you should invest in Engagement Hub, then think about the new ways it will allow you to engage constituents or how it can help you direct constituents towards new opportunities.

Be on the lookout for Salesforce Engagement Hub in 2020.

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