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If you’re a business owner, more than likely you have an email list. You’ve possibly spent years and tons of energy to develop your subscriber base.

One thing that we see business owners in this position struggle with is what to send these subscribers. How do you keep them engaged and interested in your brand?

Or perhaps you’re just starting with email marketing. Again, the same question applies.

Luckily, our friends from StoryBrand have you covered when it comes to email marketing. This company has developed an entire marketing framework with which you can rely on, including email marketing.

Here are five emails that StoryBrand recommends you send to your subscriber base.

Whether you’re just starting or have been doing email marketing for a while, these email topics will apply to you.


Problem/Solution Email


The first email in the StoryBrand email marketing sequence is the problem/solution email. This email names a problem your customer is facing that is preventing them from getting what they want.

To nail this email, you’ll want to acknowledge and resonate with your subscriber’s pain. Then, introduce your product or service as the solution that is going to resolve that exact pain point.

This is the fastest way to resonate with your subscriber base and have them remember your brand.

Association with a problem will put you at the forefront of your potential customer’s mind – always.


Testimonial Email


The second email that you should be sent to your subscribers is the testimonial email.

To do this effectively, you’ll want to find someone who has experienced success with your product or service and get that person to describe their success to other potential customers.

When gathering this testimonial, capture the problem your customer was facing before buying your product. Then, have them explain how your product resolved their pain points. Finally, ask the customer to describe the successful results they have experienced.

This testimonial email will reinforce the problem/solution positioning that you set up in your previous email and give potential customers more trust in your brand.

Next, you’ll need to overcome an objection that your potential customers have.


Overcome an Objection Email


The third email in the sequence is a class sales tactic email – overcoming an objection.

Why do most people NOT buy your product or service? In this email, you want to speak to that common resistance, and then overcome it with specific benefits the customer will experience.

Remember to brainstorm and narrow it down to the one, main objection that customers have and then write your response in the email copy.

This will lift some resistance that customers have against your brand and again develop more trust in your business.

This email is crucial so be sure to include it to some degree in the emails to your subscribers.


Paradigm Shift Email


The fourth email is the paradigm shift email.

This email shows how your product or service is different than the competition. The easiest way to do this is to highlight how your customer’s current way of thinking is costing them something.

This email shows that the way you approach your product or service is different and better. StoryBrand calls this a “paradigm shift.”

Many business owners begin their paradigm shift email by talking about a common way a customer sees their product or service and then encourages them to look at it another way.

Again, harkening back to the problem that you established in the first email will help you set up the paradigm shift in this email.

You don’t need to bash or insult the competition in this email. You simply need to highlight how your brand is different (and ultimately better) than the competition.

Start with a common way of thinking about your business and shift the customer’s mindset through a new, compelling perspective.


Sales Email


The final email that you need in your StoryBrand email marketing sequence, and arguably one of the most important emails, is the sales email.

Now it’s time to close the deal and get a sale. It’s smart to close an email campaign with a sales letter. You can also send one-off sales letters to qualified leads to get them to make a purchase.

In this email, you can use a combination of the earlier emails that we’ve listed in this sequence. Be sure to position your product/service as the solution, include testimonials and compelling reasons why a customer should buy from you, and encourage them to look at your brand differently.

The point of this email is to close the deal. A potential customer that has been engaging with your emails up to this point wants to be sold to. So, give them what they want.

You can also add an extra incentive by offering a discount or special sale. This will ensure that your sales email works and your revenue goes through the roof.


In Summary


Put all these emails together and send them out throughout a few days or weeks. We promise you’ll see results.

To recap, StoryBrand (and Agency Boon) recommends five simple emails in your next email marketing campaign:

  1. Problem/Solution
  2. Testimonial
  3. Overcome and Objection
  4. Paradigm Shift
  5. Sales Email

In this article, we’ve covered the basics of these emails. Feel free to experiment with the content and order in which you send these emails out.

And feel free to let us know your results on Twitter. We’re always eager to hear how campaigns go.

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