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Until recently, the interior design industry used to heavily rely on word of mouth advertising, but as competition grew, clients’ behavior changed as well. Most people are now searching online for an interior designer, weighing in dozens of options before actually making a decision. Read on to find out how to leverage StoryBrand for interior designers and get ahead of your competition.


The Problem – How to attract customers to your service


Interior designing is no doubt a promising field. Technology is affecting several industries, shutting down businesses and increasing unemployment as automation is reducing the need for manpower. But one industry that is definitely safe from this risk is interior designing.

However, all that glitters is not gold. No matter how bright it shines, every mirror has a dark side – and the dark side for interior designers is attracting clients to their business.

With several designers working in the field and even opening up their own consultancies, the competition in the interior designing industry has increased beyond belief.

The good news is that house renovations are always trending as fashion constantly changes. But the million dollar question is how to attract customers to your service?

You would be familiar with the benefits of online marketing and so, you would be maintaining a website, blog and possibly different pages on various social media platforms to bring yourself into the public eye. But if despite these efforts you are still struggling with building a loyal and a large customer base, then it goes without saying that you are definitely missing out on a very important tool – storytelling.


The solution – Use StoryBrand for Interior Designers


Storytelling is perhaps the most powerful tool in any business’s arsenal.

By telling a great story about your customers, you can easily expect your sales to double, triple or even increase multifold. If you are wondering how this is possible, then the answer to that is simple.

A great story creates a lasting impression and therefore, influences the thoughts that the audience have and the decisions that they make.

So, a compelling story about your past clients can help lure new customers to your business as they witness the wonders that your designers have worked for others.

Tip #1. Use a clear Call-to-Action


A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that you add to your website in order to guide your visitor and tell them what to do next. A clear and enticing call-to-action is massively important in converting visitors into customers. The mistake many interior design companies make is that they have great content, a great portfolio, but they don’t have the correct call-to-action. Or maybe they do, but their CTA buttons do not stand out enough to grab their visitors’ attention.

Firstly, your CTA button should always have a high contrasting color. So, for example, if the main color on your website is blue, make your main CTA buttons red. This way, users will automatically notice it easier and the probability of them clicking on that button increases exponentially.

Secondly, make your CTA buttons easy to find on your website, by using strong visuals; and lastly, use action-oriented text.

Here are some examples of highly-converting CTAs suited for Interior Design companies:

  • Schedule a FREE Consultation today
  • Request a Personalized Quote
  • Schedule a Meeting
Tip #2. Educate and guide your potential clients


Perhaps the number one rule of using StoryBrand for interior designers is to always position yourself as the guide, and not as the hero. The only instance where you should take about yourself on your website is when proving your legitimacy and experience. All the other sections and pages of your website should talk about your customers’ problem and the solution you can offer them to that specific problem.

One powerful strategy on positioning yourself as the guide is through creating useful content for your potential clients. Think about those few questions that all of your clients ask during sales calls or at the beginning of a project. Do they want to know how to make a small space appear larger? Are they worried about the timeline of redecorating an entire house? Take those questions and offer answers to them in the form of blog articles and lead generating PDFs. These will allow potential clients to get to know you and trust you even before meeting you.

Tip #3. Invest in professional photography


A picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to interior designing, a picture is perhaps worth everything.

A single image of an accomplished project speaks volumes about your services and what your designers are capable of achieving. Showcasing a picture of a house, bedroom, kitchen or any other place that you designed or renovated instantly gives your prospective customers an idea of what they can expect from you.

The mistake many interior design companies are doing is that they don’t hire a professional photographer to take pictures of their projects, but instead they take the pictures themselves. Make a list of three photographers you trust and keep it handy. This way, whenever you finish a project at least one of them will be available to come and help you. Make out of this a habit and constantly update your website with new pictures in your portfolio.

These are just three simple tricks on how to practically leverage StoryBrand for Interior Designers, but there is so much more this tool can do to guarantee a highly-converting website.


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