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Many law firms are struggling with their marketing. Most lawyers have to split their time between bringing new cases and making sure they’re not neglecting their current clients. How can you stand apart from your competition while also respecting your industry’s guidelines? How can you spend less time on marketing and more time doing what you do best?


The answer is simple – learn how to apply StoryBrand for law firms.


Studying law is one of the toughest academic paths to pursue.  From attending all the classes regularly and actively participating in every discussion to reading books after books and preparing piles of notes. Life as a law student is surely not an easy phase.

But as time passes, you get a grasp of things. You become familiar with numerous legal matters and get accustomed to the lawyer’s lifestyle.

After graduating from law school, you will either open a legal advisory firm or might consider working for an already existing firm in order to kick-start your career.

But once you step into the practical field you will realize that the hectic schedules and sleepless nights during your school were nothing compared to the difficulties you face as a practicing lawyer.

Just when you think that a degree would open doors for you, you realize that you have rather jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.


Attracting New Clients – The Biggest Obstacle


Whether you are a new practitioner in the industry or an experienced one, attracting clients is something that is guaranteed to make every lawyer want to pull his/her hair out.

If you run a private law firm and your practice is small, you would find luring new clients to your business challenging, to say the least.


How to Overcome the Obstacle


Since you want to get more clients you must have tried traditional marketing techniques. Not many worked, did they?

With the convenience afforded by the digital age, conventional marketing strategies are not as effective as they used to be. However, even if you created a website to promote your business and still didn’t see noticeable results, you are on the right track but are still taking the wrong steps.

Your website is your brand ambassador. The benefits it could yield for your business are unmatched by any advertisement scheme.

Today people love to shop online, whether they need groceries or are on the lookout for real estate.

Legal matters are no exception to this rule. Businesses and individuals who want to hire a lawyer or are looking for legal consultation usually search for these services online.

Needless to say, your website should be influential enough to turn those visitors into your customers.


StoryBrand for Law Firms – One Simple Rule


Making a website that has a lasting impact is easy if you follow one simple rule.

PRIORITIZE your customers.

Rather than focusing on the services you provide and bragging about your business success, emphasize the benefits they can enjoy if they choose you. This is the core principle of StoryBrand for law firms.

Would their life become easy if they invest in your firm? Can they become stress-free of legal issues by hiring you? Would you be able to solve the difficulties they have?

In simple words, you should tell a story about your customers that will instantly make your potential clients engaged and make them interested in your firm.

If you think that making such a website is hard, then consult a professional who is an expert in this field.

StoryBrand is a brilliant framework that guarantees success to your law firm online marketing.

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Angie Schultz

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