Learn how to apply StoryBrand for dentists and see for yourself how simple it is to attract new customers.

Dentists in private practice face a lot of challenges. You have a huge responsibility as your patients’ health is literally in your hands, and as if that’s not enough, you also have to deal with tax issues, balancing appointments carefully and taking care of your staff. Business might be going well, but as you keep growing and planning to expand your practice, you might find that marketing is yet another hassle in your already hectic schedule.

However, with so many dental hospitals and consultation clinics that have now opened up and with people looking for self-help ways, the reality is quite the opposite.

How to use StoryBrand for Dentists

If you want to excel in your career or build your dentistry business, then you need to market your dental clinic and the services that you provide. Otherwise, the patients will take one of the several other alternatives available and visit another dentist.

Of course, given the highly digitalized world today, online marketing and more specifically, creating a website seems to be the best bet.

But merely having a website is not enough.

Your website needs to be attractive and informative and must encourage patients to choose your clinic over the other options.

So, how do you create such a website? Read on to find out.

#1. Establish your Authority

Having a good name in dentistry and providing just your contact address is not enough for a patient to establish whether you will be a good fit for them or not. Give them solid reasons to believe you.

Make sure to include testimonials from your happy patients on your website. Testimonials should be as specific as possible, describing how you as a dentist helped your patients become healthy and pain-free.

Feature stories based on patients whom you have helped recover from tooth troubles. Help the online visitors envision that they too bid their dental problems a goodbye and achieve a real million dollar smile.

#2. Use professional photos of your dental clinic

The website that you maintain for your dental clinic is an online window into your brand. It speaks volumes for the practices that you use and the type of services that you provide. Your website can give the patients insight into your clinic before they even visit it.

The main fear associated with visiting a dentist is the pain the patient might experience. But technological advancements are making the treatment and other dental procedures more and more painless.

Therefore, use the right pictures to demonstrate that you are not an old-school practitioner and that your workplace is highly clean and modern.

#3. Create a clear marketing message

Saying that you perform an oral examination, do implants and composite tooth bonding or make dentures and bridges is dental jargon that is almost incomprehensible to most patients.

Use simple words that your customers understand. Words that make customers believe that you can solve their dental problems and alleviate their toothaches.

The gist of it all

These were just some minor tips.

If you really want to turn your website into a success, then wait no more to adopt the complete StoryBrand framework.
Using StoryBrand for dentists provides you with an all-in-one package to make your website highly effective. It helps you increase your profits multifold by applying one simple rule to your website. This rule is not just for marketing on websites. It is, in fact, a rule that applies to all other marketing techniques.

And the rule is that your website should tell a story that focuses on your customer and not on your company.
Make your patients the center of all the care and attention if you want to be amongst the leading dentists.