StoryBrand for Manufacturers – 3 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

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If you are a manufacturer looking for new ways to increase your prominence in the industry and attract more clients to your business, then you must have tried out various marketing strategies. Needless to say, developing a website and maintaining an online presence must have been one of them. But if despite making a website for your manufacturing business there was no significant increase in your sales, you need to realize that even though you are on the right path, there is something that you are doing wrong.



How Websites Affect Business Performance


In today’s tech-driven world, websites are the most powerful weapon in every marketer’s arsenal. Your website is a lot more than a platform to provide relevant business information to your clients. It is the forefront of your brand image. It is what prospective buyers judge you by.  In simple words, your website is your brand ambassador in every possible manner!

Therefore, not only should you pay attention to keeping your website up-to-date, but you should also focus on the design, layout, audio, visual tools used and above all, the content and the underlying message that you are trying to convey via your website.



3 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself 


StoryBrand is a highly efficient framework that will help you craft a clear message that simply closes more deals. By following the StoryBrand formula, you are bound to gain more clarity and create a story that attracts customers. Answer these 3 essential questions throughout your website and marketing materials in order to get more sales and revenues:



#1. Is your offer clear to any potential customer?


Are you communicating specifically what you offer? People don’t read website, they scan it. So you have to make sure anyone can understand what you offer from the first few seconds of taking a look at your website. Make sure you use content and photos that make it easy for any visitor to understand what are you offering.

#2. Is it obvious how you are going to solve your customer’s problem?


Only talking about the technical features of your products or services won’t be enough to get people to buy from you. Make sure you explain the problem your typical customer is facing and the way you are going to solve it. Explain what your customer is spending too much time or money on and how your product or service solves that issue for them.



#3. Do you have an easy 3 steps buying process?


The Rule No. 1 of StoryBrand is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to understand how you’re going to solve their problems. Increase your sales by creating a step-by-step process with descriptions of each step and titles. Use this plan to explain what does your customer need to do in order to contact you, buy your product / service and experience success with it.



Why StoryBrand for Manufacturers?


In case you haven’t heard already, StoryBrand has helped numerous businesses skyrocket their sales by helping them clarify their message. Several small and large-scale organizations were able to increase their revenues multifold as customers were attracted to their products like a magnet. All just with an influential website!

Now that you know the power of a great website in improving sales and maximizing profits, you need to consider developing an influential one. And the way to achieve that is simple.

Get StoryBrand for manufacturers!

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