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One reason we love StoryBrand so much is because of its versatility. Yes, StoryBrand is a framework that can be applied to any business but there are also components to that framework that can be emphasized and rearranged – especially on a website.

So, we wanted to show you five great StoryBrand websites that emphasize and rearrange the components of the framework.

These five websites are from different industries and a combination of B2B and B2C businesses. We hope you can glean some marketing wisdom from these five great StoryBrand websites.


Website #1 – Angie Schultz


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Okay, okay, we might be a little biased because we work with Angie and we love working with her, but there’s a reason Donald Miller himself called Angie’s work “Fabulous!”

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, one would expect Angie to have a fantastic website (and she does!) but the reason she is on this list is that her website captures her brand entirely. It is clear and inviting – which is exactly what Angie is.

Her site follows all the StoryBrand best practices (CTAs, aspirational identity, explanatory paragraph, etc.), but it also perfectly encapsulates who Angie is.

That is a peripheral benefit of a great StoryBrand website.


Website #2 – Instapage


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Instapage brands itself as “the world’s most advanced landing page platform” and boy, are we convinced.

This website uses short, punchy bits of copy alongside creative imagery to profound effect while appealing to its target audience’s desire to “convert more”.

“Get Started” is an obvious choice for a direct CTA, while “Request a Demo” is a nice transitional CTA for those who aren’t ready to commit.

This site is a bit longer than most StoryBrand websites, but we think it works to Instapage’s advantage. There are so many platforms that build landing pages and, if you have the know-how, you can build them yourself. But if a user spends more time-consuming Instapage’s home page content, then they’re more likely to convert. Hmmm, perhaps that’s Instapage’s secret?


Website #3 – Generations Home Care


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First, we just want to point out that we absolutely love this brand’s aspirational identity. It’s subtly and positivity work extremely well even for those who are not in its target market.

The header navigation links are also something that we don’t see too often in StoryBrand websites, but just like Instapage, we think Generations is able to pull off the full-width navbar.

The brand also uses a unique grid effect that combines its brand shapes with images and descriptions. If this gives you an idea for your website (or you are looking to do the same thing), please let us know! It’s a brilliant use of branding and appeal.


Website #4 – GRIP Outreach for Youth


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In exact StoryBrand fashion, GRIP portrays an aspirational identity through its header video but then hammers home the problem statement. Clicking on “Start Here” even brings the user to a landing page that expounds on the problem.

Further down the home page, the non-profit positions itself as the solution to some of these problems. The brand also exercises authority by highlighting the many metrics that it’s been able to achieve in 2019.

Additionally, the website features more videos than we typically see on a StoryBrand website. This isn’t bad and more brands could adopt this strategy as consumers pick up things quicker when they see them visually.


Website #5 – RTA Fleet Management Software


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The copy featured in the header of RTA Fleet Management is exactly how you should write your header copy. It is “You” focused rather than “We” or “I” focused. Speaking this way will immediately grab your reader’s attention.

The value stack listed beneath the header and the accompanying stakes section is a nice one-two punch for users to scan. Further down the home page, RTA expounds on the capabilities of its software and offers quick explanations about its products.

Similar to Instapage, this is a relatively long home page. Again, this isn’t to the brand’s detriment. Rather, it’s to its advantage. The more complex a product/service is the longer you might have to build your landing page to explain things.

The principles of “Simple” and “Clear” still apply, however.




There are five great StoryBrand websites: Angie Shultz, Instapage, Generations Home Care, GRIP Outreach for Youth, and RTA Fleet Management Software.

All these websites use the StoryBrand framework, but each one highlights distinct aspects to bring out its own unique brand flavor.

We hope you can wield the StoryBrand framework to bring out your own brand flair as well.

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