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Okay, to be fair, there are two websites in question here. There’s the StoryBrand website (for workshops) and there’s the Building a StoryBrand website (for the book).

If you didn’t peek at the Building a StoryBrand website, we’ll tell you that there’s not a whole lot of content there. In fact, it’s essentially a landing page for the StoryBrand website. There are some links to where customers can buy the book online and an image of the book, but it’s essentially a landing page.

Because the Building a StoryBrand “website” is apart of the StoryBrand website, we are going to focus on some reasons as to why we love the StoryBrand website (and if you love StoryBrand as much as we do, be sure to check out Everything You Need To Know About StoryBrand Websites).

Those reasons are its short, punchy copy, its focus on selling by adding value, and the website’s sense of urgency.


We Love the Short, Punchy Copy on the Building a StoryBrand Website


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Since Donald Miller is a copywriter at heart, it’s no surprise that the StoryBrand website is layered with well-written copy.

If you go section by section, you will see that there is great copy written on each section.

Interestingly, the copy is a bit longer than what we are used to seeing on a StoryBranded website. This is useful information for two reasons: 1. It shows us that we don’t have to provide one-sentence descriptions on our content sections – we can be a bit lengthier and, 2. We must pack a ton of value into what we say with our copy.

Which brings us to the next reason we love the Building a StoryBrand website – it’s value-packed.


We Love the Focusing on Selling by Adding Value Aspect on the Building a StoryBrand Website


Again, in a similar fashion as a copywriter, it’s no surprise that the StoryBrand website is filled with tons of calls-to-action and selling.

Of course, it isn’t overly salesy or slimy – Donald Miller is totally against that.

Rather, it is clear and direct. In fact, there are four direct CTAs in StoryBrand’s header!

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The home page also features a lot of “You” written copy, as opposed to “We” written copy. This is an expert technique as it places the brand’s story right in the crossroads of the customer’s story.

Donald also writes a lot about what customers will get if they register for the StoryBrand workshop. In other words, he writes a lot about the benefits that customers receive. This is another expert example of value-driven selling.

Finally, we love how we feel a sense of urgency on the site to register.


We Love the Sense of Urgency on the Building a StoryBrand Website


The sense of urgency isn’t pushy like on many sales landing pages. No, it’s simply clear and direct.


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There’s a reminder in the announcement banner of the site that reminds users exactly when the next StoryBrand marketing workshop takes place along with a call-to-action.

The real kicker on this website is the pop-up in the lower right-hand corner.

This pop-up displays exactly how long (in terms of hours, minutes, and even seconds) a user has to register for the StoryBrand workshop. The copywriting on the pop-up also accentuates the sense of urgency that the countdown clock displays.

Many marketers use a similar strategy when it comes to countdowns and time-sensitive offers. Perhaps we can learn a little something from this pop-up.




The copywriting, value-based selling tactics and sense of urgency are just a few reasons why we love the Building a StoryBrand website.

Feel free to tell us some of the reasons why you love the site yourself!

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