Looking To Hire A StoryBrand Guide? Ask These 3 Questions

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If you’re in the market to hire a StoryBrand Guide, chances are you want to hire them for their marketing expertise and uncanny ability to apply the StoryBrand framework across many pieces of marketing collateral.

You know that Certified StoryBrand Guides are great with marketing and even better when it comes to implementing StoryBrand.

But what else do you need to look for in a Guide besides those two things?

Other than general marketing know-how, you’re going to want to get a good sense of the Guide’s experience pre-StoryBrand. What did they do before they became a Guide and were they good at it?

Second, you’re going to want to understand what the Guide values in a professional context. This is important because you’ll be able to better work with the Guide and see the “why” behind the things they do.

Finally, you’re going to want to see how a Guide receives and implements feedback. This is not only important for Guides to understand but also professionals in general. It will also help you with conflict resolution if you and your Guide get into a disagreement.

We have crafted three specific questions that get to the heart of those three areas: experience, values, and feedback.

If you’re in the market to hire a StoryBrand Guide, read on and keep these questions in mind while you look for the perfect Guide to help with your marketing.


Outside of Being a StoryBrand Guide, What Types of Marketing Roles Have You Worked In?


You’ll want to ask this question for two reasons:

  1. It will give you an idea of the level of marketing experience your Guide has
  2. It will show you how well-rounded of a marketer your Guide is

When it comes to marketing experience, if your StoryBrand Guide only got into marketing once they got certified, this should be a red flag for you.

Ideally, you’ll want a Guide who has some experience doing marketing execution/specialist work and spent some time in a marketing leadership role.

This will ensure that your Guide knows the practical tasks associated with any marketing campaign and will have the leadership skills needed to bring a campaign to life through teamwork.

Secondly, you’re going to want to ask this question to see how well-rounded of a marketer your Guide is.

For example, does your Guide only have experience in copywriting, or do they have some email marketing and social media experience sprinkled throughout their career?

Have they just developed websites, or do they know SEO, lead magnets, and PPC advertising?

Having a well-rounded Guide will help you with overall project implementation and it will allow the Guide to guide your marketing holistically.


What are Some of Your Professional Values and How Do You Display Them in Your Work?


You’ll want to ask this question to see what is important to your Guide and how their values manifest themselves in a working relationship.

For example, maybe your Guide values efficiency. This might manifest itself in your Guide by them perfecting their marketing materials and turning them in right on time (or ahead of schedule).

Or maybe they value punctuality, so they’re always on-time for a meeting and submitting deliverables.

Whatever it might be, you’re going to want to get a sense of the things your Guide values.

That way, you can mirror their values to make sure the relationship goes smoothly and you can have an understanding as to why they do certain things.

Understanding someone’s values gives you a deeper look into their mind and who they are as a person.


What is the Most Critical Piece of Feedback You’ve Received from a Client and How Did You Incorporate it into Your Future Work?


This is the final question that you should ask before you hire a StoryBrand guide.

The answer to this question will tell you not only if your Guide is receptive to feedback but how they handle that feedback.

If a Guide doesn’t have a sufficient answer or says, “I don’t know” in response to this question, this should raise some red flags.

Simply because it means that your Guide hasn’t made the effort to receive feedback or they aren’t very receptive to feedback.

If the Guide does have a sufficient answer, then it’ll give you some insight into how they not only receive feedback but how they might also handle conflict during a project.

You’ll want a Guide that’s able to receive feedback and implement it.

This will tell you that the Guide is secure in their profession and willing to improve themselves where they need to.

That’s a Guide you want to work with.


In Summary


You don’t just want to hire a StoryBrand Guide. You want to hire the best StoryBrand Guide you can find.

This includes figuring out the Guide’s experience, values, and ability to handle feedback.

In this blog post, we’ve given you three questions that you can ask your Guide that will get to the heart of each of those three areas.

If you know of another fantastic question to ask before you hire a StoryBrand Guide, let us know on Twitter.

We want you to be sure of the StoryBrand Guide that you hire for your marketing needs.

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