How To Leverage StoryBrand In 2021

leverage storybrand in 2021
Despite the pandemic, the company StoryBrand saw increased interest in its organization, frameworks, and offerings in 2020.

When the pandemic hit, instead of floundering, Donald Miller got his leadership team together and asked them how the company could take advantage of the increased demand for marketing, specifically, digital marketing.

StoryBrand shifted and we in the marketplace saw an increased offering of webinars and online offerings from the company.

Will StoryBrand continue investing in its online marketing efforts in 2021? And how can you, as a business owner, make the most of the company’s offerings this year?

One more question you must ask yourself is this, “Was 2020 the pique of your investment in StoryBrand, or are you just getting started?”

Let’s now turn our attention towards leveraging StoryBrand in 2021. But first, a recap of what the company did this year.


StoryBrand in 2020


2020 was a huge and successful year for StoryBrand.

The company pivoted well during the pandemic and, we would say, came out better as a result.

Here are a few of the major accomplishments from StoryBrand in 2020:

  • StoryBrand invested heavily in its Business Made Simple University online platform by releasing several new courses that included Communication Made Simple, Proposals Made Simple, Hero On A Mission, and the Business Made Simple Daily videos.
  • The company also ran its Online Marketing Workshop live and reduced the overall price to attend by 2/3rds.
  • StoryBrand invested more in webinars as lead generators and email nurture campaigns.
  • The company decided to brand its parent company as “Business Made Simple” and turned StoryBrand into the marketing arm of that parent company.
  • The company released its Business Made Simple Coach certification in the Fall of 2020.
  • Campaigned and repositioned its namesake podcast to align with the new Business Made Simple branding.

Did we miss anything that StoryBrand accomplished in 2020? Let us know, as this year has been a drag and a blur all at once.

Now onto how you can use the power of StoryBrand in the year ahead.


How to Leverage StoryBrand in 2021


One trend that we’ve noticed while following StoryBrand throughout 2020 is that they are investing increased resources into the Business Made Simple brand name and associated offerings.

This means we will likely see even more courses on the BSMU platform in 2021 and a push for Coaching certifications as well.

One way that you can leverage StoryBrand in 2021 is by learning and applying the Business Made Simple frameworks. This seems to be the direction the company is headed in.

You could start by reading the book Business Made Simple and consider becoming a BMS Certified Coach.

You will find the frameworks wrought with value at the very least, despite buying the book or becoming certified. So, we recommend starting there!

Check out all the Business Made Simple courses and frameworks here.


What to Look Forward to with StoryBrand in 2021


As we’ve discussed, 2020 was a splendid year for StoryBrand. 2021 looks equally as promising for the company.

Here are a few of the important things from StoryBrand to watch for in 2021.


StoryBrand Guides to Follow in 2021

Since its start, StoryBrand has certified some of the most versatile and experienced marketers as Guides.

Similarly, to the company, a few Guides are worth watching in 2021:

  • Wes Gay – Thought leader amongst Guides and owner of Wayfinder Consulting.
  • Angie Schultz – Copywriting queen and frequent collaborator with Agency Boon.
  • Josh Taylor – Consultant and strategy expert.
  • Katie Lantukh – Writer, consultant, and strategist.

Of course, always be sure to follow Donald Miller, Dr. JJ Peterson, and Koula Callahan.


StoryBrand Book in 2021

Another important thing to look for in 2021 is the book Business Made Simple by Donald Miller.

The book is currently available at all retailers. So, be sure to get your copy as we’re certain the next few months will revolve around insights from the book.


StoryBrand Courses in 2021

Finally, with a new book comes new frameworks and concepts.

We believe that StoryBrand will release more courses on its BMSU platform that coincide with the chapters found in the Business Made Simple book (i.e., Strategy Made Simple, Finances Made Simple, etc.).

Be sure to keep your eyes open for more value-packed courses from StoryBrand in 2021.


In Summary


Now that you’ve had all the history and predictions about StoryBrand you can handle, we present to you a conclusion.

The company StoryBrand pivoted well during the pandemic in 2020. One of the company’s investments was in the Business Made Simple brand name and frameworks.

We believe that this is where the company plans to go in 2021. More investment into Business Made Simple.

So, you, as a StoryBrand lover and fan, would bode well to follow the company with that lens in mind.

StoryBrand is not just about marketing anymore. It’s about creating a holistic, efficient, and profitable business.

Cheers to 2021.

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