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One of the first questions we hear about being a StoryBrand Certified Guide is, “How much does it cost?”

We get it, we get it. You really want to see the price tag of something to gauge the value of it and if it’s worth it or not.

More so than the financial cost, there are also other costs that we tend to forget when gauging if Guide certification is worth it.

Costs such as time and status.

In this post, we’ll go over the StoryBrand Certified Guide cost (all of them), consider the return on investment, and determine if you should pull the trigger on StoryBrand Guide certification.

Let’s jump in.


Financial Costs of StoryBrand Guide Certification


Looking at the StoryBrand website doesn’t yield much information regarding the cost but searching on Google will show that average Guide certification costs around $10,000.

If you’re a freelancer or just starting out, this can seem like a hefty price-tag!

It’s certainly more expensive than other marketing certifications out there.

However, think about Guide certification compared to a degree program.

It’s looking affordable now, isn’t it?

Guide certification looks attractive when compared to a degree program and a lot of the concepts and methods are like a degree program.

StoryBrand immerses you in their concepts and networks much like a university would.

Perhaps that’s why the company is pivoting to more of a university approach?

We digress…


Time Costs of StoryBrand Guide Certification


It takes an individual two days to become a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

Again, when compared with a 4-year degree program, this is enticing!

The time it takes to complete Guide certification is roughly par-for-the-course compared to other marketing certifications.

And who wouldn’t want to spend two 8-hour days learning from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand crew?


Status Costs of StoryBrand Guide Certification


Unbelievably, there are status costs that accompany StoryBrand Guide certification.

What do we mean?

Well, there are some marketers in the industry that believe StoryBrand will be just another fad framework.

So, becoming a Certified Guide is a waste of time and money in their eyes.

There are also, unfortunately, some marketers who have a challenging time viewing Donald Miller as a successful businessperson. This translates to his framework too.

Becoming Guide certified might make you look like you’re following the latest trend in marketing to some marketers.

But who wants to work with them anyway?

StoryBrand is an effective framework and produces results if you fully invest in the framework.

Naysayers beware.


StoryBrand Certified Guide ROI


So, if the cost of Guide certification is $10K, how long will it take for one to recoup their investment?

Great question – StoryBrand’s goal is that all their Guides would make 10X their investment within the first year. We’ve also heard of Guides making their money back in as little as one month.

One Guide reported that he made $6,500 in his first three months simply by being listed in the Guide directory. Keeping with that trajectory, he’ll make 2X his investment within the first year.

Whether or not 10X is the standard, it seems that getting Guide certified often produces a positive ROI for whoever chooses to get certified.


So, Is It Worth It?


Our short answer, absolutely.

Our long answer consists of pointing out the low time and social costs, especially when compared with a marketing degree program.

As for financial costs, we also believe Guide certification is worth it.

You’ll make your money back rather quickly if you invest in Guide certification and if you’re serious about upping your consulting game, making your money back is only a matter of time. In many cases 1-3 months’ worth of your time.

$10,000 is a big investment but if you’re serious about marketing consulting, then it’s an investment worth your time.


In Summary


While the financial cost of becoming a StoryBrand Certified Guide might seem like a lot, StoryBrand, along with Agency Boon, promises it’s worth it.

Get StoryBrand Guide certified and start your path towards financial freedom, the consulting job of your dreams, a positive ROI.

Until next time.

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