Leveraging StoryBrand for your Coaching Practice

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Starting and then running a coaching practice is no easy task. You need to compile a unique selling proposition and smart marketing campaigns. You also need to have effective sales strategies, networking skills, social proof, and many more. Here’s how you can leverage StoryBrand for your Coaching Practice to overcome all these challenges.

You might run your own coaching center or perhaps work for one. Either way, you must be aware of how challenging it can be to attract customers to your particular service and to gain their trust.

If you are an active participant in the online world, then you must be familiar with the new buzz on the internet.


However, storytelling is nothing new. Stories have been used since a very long time to wow the audience, captivate their hearts and to connect with them on a closer level. But what is new about storytelling is the use of this art in the corporate world.

Businesses are realizing the importance of powerful stories for organizational growth. Be it reaching a new audience, boosting sales, building customer relationships or increasing the client retention rate, storytelling has the potential to achieve a lot more than what is attainable through an ordinary marketing campaign.

And this opportunity is available to every business regardless of the goods or services that they produce and the industry that they belong to.

So, if you are wondering whether storytelling promises a bright future for your coaching business, then the answer is: Yes, absolutely!


Using StoryBrand for your Coaching Practice


Organizations looking for business coaches are confused about which one would be actually worth their time and money. People considering hiring a health and fitness coach are doubtful whether they will help them achieve any significant results or not. Similarly, individuals looking for a life coach are reluctant to confide their hope and aspirations in someone whom they are not sure about trusting.

So, with all the hype that storytelling has created in the business world, you might have tried adopting the same strategy or are planning to do it soon.

But whether sowing the seeds of stories will help you reap fruitful results depends on one crucial factor.

Who’s the hero in your story?


Stories about Your Customers


Consider any story that you remember right now.

Now, think about why you remember it. The answer is probably because it resonated with you.

When it comes to storytelling for businesses, there is one common mistake that is often repeated. Businesses tell a story about themselves.

Of course, you need to market your services, but boasting is not the answer. Your customers are less interested in why you are serving in this sector or how well established your coaching practice is. What they need the answer to is, how can they benefit by choosing you?

Will you be able to help them with what they need? And can you alleviate their troubles and ease their worries?

And the tactic to approach them is to tell stories about your own clients.

Turn your past accomplished tasks into motivational stories that your prospective clients can relate to. Help them envision how their life will improve when they invest in your services.

This is the ultimate way to build your brand.


Here to Help


Crafting a unique story can leave you scratching your head. After all, it’s not as easy as A, B, C.

StoryBrand is an amazing framework that has been expertly designed to help businesses grow. Several organizations have witnessed the results and now you can too.

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