StoryBrand For NonProfits: How to leverage StoryBrand if you’re leading a Nonprofit

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We have yet to meet a nonprofit that doesn’t struggle with their marketing. This is where StoryBrand for nonprofits comes into play.


We ourselves are a social business and we have had our share of struggles, even though we are a digital marketing company. It was thanks to the StoryBrand framework that we managed to create a simple message that resonates with our supporters. We believe that StoryBrand for your nonprofit will help refine your message and have it land with your target audience as well.

Most nonprofit leaders are great at creating an impact and making the world a better place, but they’re confused and frustrated when it comes to getting the money they need to support their cause.

But there’s no need for you to derail your focus from what you do best. You can continue creating an impact, and not spending your time on something that feels like a challenge – marketing yourself.


StoryBrand does that for you


While you’re trying to make the world a better place, let us take care of creating a marketing strategy that will empower you and your team.

You probably already tried a lot of different strategies that range from print media ads that call for donations to conducting various charity campaigns. However, your efforts might have proven to not be as effective as you were hoping. So you are now feeling lost and exhausted.

But what if we told you things don’t have to be this complicated? What if you could easily increase your amount of monthly donors? Imagine what it would be like to double the number of people who want to support your cause within a year.

What if your nonprofit would have such a simple and powerful message that both your team and your potential donors would feel determined to help you succeed?


How do you achieve that?


Following one simple rule will help you turn your website into a golden asset for your nonprofit organization.

Invite your potential donors into your story.

Stop playing the hero in the story and instead let your contributors feel valued and appreciated for the impact they’re having. Although you collect the resources and channel them to particular uses in order to help others, none of this would be possible without the people supporting your cause.

Therefore, you should share the due credit and help prospective donors envision the impact their contributions will have in making the world a better place. Stories are the communal currency of humanity. Telling a story about the people who have raised funds for a noble cause will enable others to do the same.


StoryBrand for nonprofits to build your brand


StoryBrand is an amazing framework that helps you create a simple and powerful story that gets people to donate. Using the StoryBrand tools, you can have a compelling story that will motivate people to act. We can help you tell that story through your website and marketing collateral. StoryBrand for nonprofits specifically will help you create better and more effective fundraising campaigns by making potential donors empathize with your cause.

This is what StoryBrand for nonprofits does – it creates a story that determines people to contribute to your cause


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So many business leaders fall in love with StoryBrand but get overwhelmed when it comes to making it work for their website.

Over the last four years, we’ve helped dozens of businesses implement StoryBrand on their websites and marketing materials.

Schedule a call with our team by clicking the form below. We’d love to chat about helping you leverage the power of StoryBrand.

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