Building a database while facing growing online competition from listing portals is one of the biggest challenges in the real estate field. How can you expand your online influence and close more deals? How can you dedicate more time to what you really love doing – selling and renting houses – and less time to doing marketing?

StoryBrand for Real Estate Agents can help you clarify your message and automate your referrals so that you can focus on what you do best.

Being a real estate agent is quite a profitable field but the introduction and the consequent widespread use of self-serve sites for property dealings have turned the tables for several real estate agents all across the world. However, despite being able to deal directly with the seller or buyer, people still require the services of a real estate agent to get professional help. The only problem is that their search for these agents still involves the use of the internet and online platforms. So, if you don’t have an influential website for your business or worst still, don’t have a website at all, then it is a severe setback for your business and your livelihood.

Why an Influential Website Is Crucial?


We are living in a digital age where technology is becoming more and more integrated into daily activities. Looking for an apple pie recipe? Google it! Looking for a new dress? Google it? Looking for a new house? Google it?

Owning and running a website is not a big deal. What truly matters is how effective it is in catching the visitor’s attention, keeping them engaged and ultimately leading them to take the desired action. Thus, online marketing for real estate agents will only be successful if your website succeeds in gaining the trust of the visitors and reassures them to click that ‘Contact’ button.

Tips to Turn Your Website Into an Asset


To turn your website into a sales-generating machine, here are a few basic tips that you ought to follow.

  • Use a simple but unique layout that is easy to navigate.
  • Use captivating graphics, a catchy slogan, and short but informative sentences.
  • Use professionally captured and relevant photographs to complement your ideas.

Apart from these fundamental tips, there is one important element that ought to be incorporated throughout your website.


Telling a story about your customers has the power to reach new audiences, boost sales, build customer relationships and increase client retention rate.

Make Referrals Work for You


Did you know that 82% of all real estate transactions are referrals? This is great news and the way to leverage that is through marketing automation. Create a referrals system by transforming your clients into promoters. And the only way to achieve that is by telling a compelling story.

By consistently nurturing your contacts, you remain top-of-mind with prospects long before they have a need. This way, whenever they will need to buy or rent a new house, or whenever one of their friends will be searching for a real estate agent, you’ll be the first person to come to mind.

Here are a few way StoryBrand for Real Estate Agents can help you with marketing automation:

  • Create enticing emails which you can regularly send to your database
  • Create useful infographics and lead generating PDFs that can help you increase your database and capture more leads
  • Create a chatbot through which you can tell a captivating story that will draw everyone in

How to beat your competition 


A comprehensive website for the community you’re serving will definitely help you stay relevant and find more prospects.

Although it requires more resources, a neighborhood website will help you more than an IDX website. Everyone has an IDX website these days, but what clients are looking for is a customized experience. They want to know the person behind the brand and form a relationship with you.

Show your customers you’re a true connaisseur of your area and publish local news and events on your website. Update it daily to stay relevant and competitive. Publish regular blog articles about the area or city you’re serving and soon you’ll observe how search engines will come to recognize you as a trustworthy source for local information. Soon your chances of being discovered organically will exponentially increase.


StoryBrand for Real Estate Agents


StoryBrand is a complete and comprehensive plan that enables you to tell an influential story about your clients and therefore, turn your website into a valuable asset. So, if you want your business to survive and flourish in an industry that is populated with cutthroat competition, then start implementing StoryBrand for real estate agents right away!