The Benefits of a StoryBrand Website Makeover

storybrand website makeover

Want a website that wows? We all do. Yet, all too often the tweaks we make don’t give us the results we want because we focus more on the design than on presenting a clear message. If your website is in need of a facelift, consider a StoryBrand website makeover. Not only will your website look great, it will become a powerful, money-making machine. 


Why Your Website Needs StoryBrand 

According to Donald Miller and the StoryBrand Framework, there are five things all websites need in order to succeed:

  1. An aspirational identity (Who does your customer want to become?)
  2. A direct call to action (buy now, schedule a call today)
  3. A transitional call to action (sign up now, download the PDF today)
  4. Very simple text (clarity is key)
  5. Customer focused copy (your customer is the hero of the story)

Notice what isn’t included within those five things: your awesome backstory, the history of the company, everything you’ve ever accomplished, 1001 things your product can do, etc.

Although those items feel important, they are not the questions your prospects are looking to answer when they visit your website. Spending too much time, and space on your site, answering the wrong questions will frustrate your visitors. 

Our brains are drawn to clarity. When we give too much information to our customers, we overwhelm them. Donald Miller compares it to handing your prospective customers an eight pound bowling ball with each new fact. If you hand them one or two, they might be OK. However, if you try to hand them more than two, all those bowling balls will crash to the floor and your visitors will go running out the door. 

By giving your website a StoryBrand makeover, you explain what matters and leave out the rest. Instead of confusing customers with excess information, you draw them into a story and put them on a clear path to success. These proven strategies will not only improve your website but they will also clarify your communication and boost your overall business. Here are just five of the benefits of a StoryBrand website makeover. 


5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from a StoryBrand Website Makeover 



People love clarity. Our brains are constantly searching for the clearest path to success. One of the hardest parts of marketing your own business is being able to step back and outline the basics. You know every little detail of this business and it all feels so important. You want to tell your prospective clients about all the amazing things you offer. Unfortunately, for them, all those benefits just sound like noise. 

Your customer doesn’t need to know everything. They just want to know how you, or your product, can help them succeed. A StoryBrand website makeover will help you define the core of your message so that you can clearly explain who you are and how you can help without overwhelming website visitors.

storybrand website makeover


Build Credibility 

Have you ever been shopping online for a product or service and stumbled upon an ugly, confusing website? Me too. My guess is that in less than five seconds, you headed back to the Google search results to find a better option. 

That is because you were handed far too many bowling balls when you were only searching for one- the right one. If a website visitor doesn’t understand how you can help them within five seconds, they are out the door.

On the other hand, let’s say your website header boldly explains exactly what you do and how you can help. Your potential customer is delighted by your clarity and will stick around to hear more. Not only did you grab their attention, you also gained trust and credibility by answering the questions that actually matter to them. Your customer feels seen and heard and wants to know more. 

Increase Business

Now that customers are sticking around your website a little longer, they are learning more about you. The more they get to know you,  the more likely they are to make a purchase or at least sign up for your mailing list. More leads equals more business and more revenue. 

Suddenly, thanks to a StoryBrand website makeover, your website isn’t just existing. It has become the powerful marketing tool it was meant to be. 

Reignite Your Passion

Your potential customers aren’t the only ones who appreciate clarity, you and your team do too! Sometimes when we are bogged down with all the details of running our business, we forget why we started it in the first place. Amidst all the tasks and different hats we wear, we too can lose sight of why our business exists and how we help. 

Thankfully, the first step of a StoryBrand website makeover is taking the time to clarify your message by creating a StoryBrand BrandScript. This process will distill your marketing message down to a single page of text. You can use that powerful page to supercharge your marketing collateral and reignite your passion. 

This clear and unified message not only delights your customer’s overwhelmed brains, but it does the same for you. It helps you see beyond your never-ending to-do list to the deeper purpose, the reality of why your business exists in the first place. 

On the days when you are feeling overwhelmed, your brand script is there to remind you why you do what you do. When decision fatigue has you backed into a corner, the clear direction you gained by creating a brand script will help you sift through the choices. 

Unify Your Team 

This kind of clarity doesn’t just help you and your clients, it can also help inspire your team. Imagine being able to start new employee onboarding by clearly explaining exactly why your business exists and how you help people. Imagine a team that truly works together, unified by one succinct purpose.  

All people want to be taken somewhere. However, you can’t be anyone’s guide until you know where you are going. Are you ready to take your business, your clients, and your team to the destination they’ve been searching for? Get the journey started with a StoryBrand website makeover. With a compelling story and a clear message, you can transform your business, your team, and yourself. Contact us today to start your StoryBrand website makeover. 

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