Why We Love The Building A StoryBrand BrandScript

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StoryBrand has given us many great business tools.

The SB7 framework, Marketing Made Simple, and Business Made Simple University just to name a few.

But one of the first business tools that this company gave us is the BrandScript.

There are many reasons to love the BrandScript and we’re certain you have a few reasons of your own.

It’s a simple to use tool, it creates clarity, it gives business leaders a language to talk about their messaging, it’s versatile, and it immediately adds value to whatever business or campaign you’re working on.

Those are a few reasons why we love the Building a StoryBrand BrandScript.

Below we expound on those reasons in the hopes that your love for the BrandScript will only grow deeper.


It’s Simple


First, we must laud the simplicity of the BrandScript.

It’s so simple to use that an individual who has never done any marketing can pick it up and begin using it.

In other words, whether you’re a marketing expert or a newbie, the BrandScript isn’t complex enough to require an advanced degree in marketing to pick up and use.

The questions help guide the user seamlessly through the process and the introductory videos help make the tool even simpler to understand.

If you’re looking for a marketing tool that is simple to use and adds immediate value to your business, the BrandScript is it.


It Brings Clarity to a Brand’s Story


The main value proposition of the BrandScript is that it brings clarity to a message.

This is another reason why we love the BrandScript because it delivers on this promise!

The way that StoryBrand presents the BrandScript is clear as well, as everyone has seen a blockbuster movie like The Hunger Games and Star Wars. So, we’re all familiar with the story framework that Donald Miller tells us. We’ve seen it over and over through many movies.

Furthermore, the BrandScript lets us know where the customer fits into the story, where or brand fits in, how we make money as a business and the resulting transformation that a customer goes through after doing business with us.

You can find every important aspect of your marketing in the BrandScript, which results in a clear brand story.

We know how the customer relates to our brand and how our brand relates to the customer.

With that knowledge comes clarity.


It Gives Business Leaders a Language


The third reason that we love the BrandScript has a bit more to do with organizational culture.

The BrandScript gives business leaders, their teams, and their clients a shared language with which to talk about the business’ brand story.

This is revolutionary because brand used to be a thing of color palettes and typography; maybe even tone of voice if a marketer was adept at branding.

But now we have a shared language to talk about brand in the form of the BrandScript.

This is noteworthy because it allows teams to debate over aspects of the brand story, ultimately leading to greater clarity and buy-in.

As a client-facing tool, it allows both client and marketer to get on the same page (quite literally) about a brand story or campaign.

In giving us the BrandScript, Donald Miller did a whole lot more than simply give us a cool new business tool. He gave us a language to talk about a business’ brand and created a whole sub-culture of marketers and entrepreneurs who are obsessed with creating clearer messages.

Fascinating, isn’t it?


It’s a Versatile Tool


Another fascinating aspect of the BrandScript is its versatility.

Whether you’re looking to articulate your brand’s message, a campaign you have coming up, or a keynote you must give next week, the BrandScript can help you clarify what you’re going to say for all these diverse types of communications.

And that’s a reason to praise its versatility.

When we come across a business tool, typically it’s good for one maybe two things.

The BrandScript, however, is great for many things. Namely, things that relate to communications.

As human beings, we’re all communicators. So, the versatility of the BrandScript is almost endless.


It Immediately Adds Value


The final reason that we love the BrandScript is somewhat of a culmination of the earlier reasons.

Once you use the BrandScript, it immediately adds value to whatever you’re working on.

Again, whether that’s a brand message, marketing campaign, keynote, or something else, if you apply the BrandScript to whatever communications piece you have, you’ll experience greater simplicity, clarity, and value.

It is a valuable business tool because it immediately adds value to whatever communications piece you’re trying to clarify.

As business owners, we all love immediate value, right? (Right.)


In Summary


To summarize this article, the BrandScript is a unique business tool that will help simplify and clarify any communications/marketing initiative your business has.

It also provides a shared language with which business owners can talk to their clients or their team.

Something can also be said about the BrandScript’s versatility, which is nearly unmatched. And for all these reasons, the BrandScript adds immediate value to the business owner or marketer that is using it.

Do you have a few reasons why you love the Building a StoryBrand BrandScript? Share them with us on Twitter.

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