5 Reasons Why Nurture Emails Are Important

5 Reasons Why Nurture Emails Are Important_feature

Nurture emails are one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal. In fact, email marketing is arguably the most cost-effective way to grow your business. The reality is, most of the people who come to your website for the first time aren’t ready to buy. Lead nurturing emails provide you with the opportunity to build relationships and continue the conversation with those potential customers. This continued contact will increase the likelihood that they will decide to make a purchase in the future. Here are five reasons why nurture emails are important for your business:


1. Nurture campaigns help you build relationships with potential customers.

When done right, an email nurture campaign is a great way to build relationships with potential clients. However, it is important to understand that nurture emails are not your company newsletter. Although you are welcome to send out important announcements from time to time, your main focus in each email should be on helping your customer, not talking about your business.

In your lead nurturing emails, you want to provide helpful content related to the problem your product or service solves. This helps you build trust and credibility with potential customers. By giving away helpful information, you are proving that you are an authority in your field while showing you care about your customers’ needs.

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2. Nurture emails provide the opportunity to continue the conversation with prospective buyers.

Generally, when people stumble upon your website for the first time, they don’t click away without buying because they don’t need your product or service. They just aren’t ready to commit yet.

Donald Miller, the creator of the StoryBrand Framework, compares the time a potential client takes to look at your website to a first date. Asking a website visitor to commit and buy your product or service the first time they are hearing about it is like asking someone to marry you on your first date. The chances of someone saying yes are pretty much 0. It feels like too much too soon.

To help you avoid coming on too strong, you can offer an enticing lead generator on your website. Your ideal client will feel compelled to give you their email address in exchange for the valuable information you are giving away. Once you have an email address, you can add that potential client into your sales funnel. This gives you the opportunity to send personalized email campaigns, targeted to where each lead is on the buyer’s journey. 

For example, you can begin by sending each new lead a welcome email, containing your lead magnet, followed by automated email campaigns with helpful information about your business, product and services. These emails will provide valuable information while helping these new prospective customers get to know your business. After they have completed your automated emails, you can continue to send helpful resources and information on a regular basis. 

By sending out engaging content regularly you are staying in touch and reminding your leads of all the ways you can help meet their needs. This method follows the natural cadence of relationships. Instead of trying to strong-arm someone into purchasing on the first date, you are taking the time to let them get to know you while gently reminding them that your company is there to help whenever they are ready to move forward.


3. Nurture emails increase the likelihood that potential clients will purchase your product or service.

Businesses that use email marketing make 138% more than businesses that don’t.

Here’s why: people need to hear about something at least seven times before they truly conceptualize the information enough to take action. When someone comes to your website, or even hears about you on the news or radio, they are likely hearing about what your business offers for the first time. They may be intrigued, but not enough to take action.

Sending lead nurturing emails allows you to tell them about your offering time and time again. This repetition helps convert potential clients into actual customers.


4. Lead nurturing emails remind prospective customers that your company exists.

You never know when your ideal customer will be ready to take action and buy your product or service. However, since they are regularly seeing your name in their email inbox, even if they aren’t opening those emails, potential clients are being reminded that your company exists.

When they do decide it is time to “buy now” or “schedule a call”, your company name will be the first to pop into their heads because they have seen your name regularly in their email inbox. If they have been reading those helpful emails, they also know they can trust you because of the valuable information they’ve gained.


5. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to grow your business.

As far as marketing campaigns go, email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy you can find. With a well-executed email, you can greatly increase your revenue using nothing more than words. No graphic design, no ads, no fancy technology, just incredibly well-thought-out words.

On top of that, nurture emails increase the lifetime value of your customers. Often businesses focus all their energy on bringing in new clients and forget to stay in contact with customers they already have. Nurture emails help you do both at the same time.

Repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers because they already trust your business and know your quality of work. It also costs a business five times more to find a new customer than it does to acquire repeat customers. So, providing valuable content and information through nurture emails is a win-win. You encourage existing customers to stay engaged with your business and buy more products or services while gaining the trust of new potential clients.

If you aren’t already using nurture emails in your business, you’re missing out on one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools available. Nurture emails are important because they help you build trusting relationships with new customers, encourage repeat business from existing customers, and can lead to higher revenue. 

If you’d like some help getting started with your own nurture emails, contact us to speak with one of our Certified StoryBrand Guides. We will help you craft clear messaging, an amazing website, and a content marketing plan that helps you achieve your goals.

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