6 Tips For Working With The StoryBrand BrandScript [PDF DOWNLOAD]

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You can seldom quantify the value of a great tip sheet.

It sets you up on the right path and it provides direction and accountability with whatever project you’re embarking on.

In this post, we want to share with you a StoryBrand BrandScript tip sheet (PDF) that you can use to direct your own or your client’s BrandScripts. We’ll also expand on the pointers that are on the tip sheet.

We hand you the high-level tips in the PDF download and expand on them a bit through out this article.

You can download our StoryBrand BrandScript tip sheet PDF below.



Now, here are some more tips from us on how to work effectively with your BrandScript.





We believe the best way to approach any project or task is to begin by setting goals. Working with the StoryBrand BrandScript is no different.

Goals, when working with the BrandScript, allow you to determine if you’re being efficient and effective with your resources. More than likely, this could include your team or a client’s time.

Begin by identifying what you want your BrandScript to accomplish (i.e., your goal(s)) and then set out to work on it.

Now let’s talk about getting in the right mindset for the BrandScript.

Get in the Right Mindset


Getting in the right mindset is crucial to developing a creative and polished BrandScript.

Here are some tips from our friend and StoryBrand Certified Guide, Wes Gay, on how to get in the right mindset for your BrandScript.

  1. “Like a great writer or movie, you cut more than you keep. It’s about chipping away until you get the core story. Over time you get faster at what to ignore.”
  2. “Multitasking is a disaster for productivity but great for filling in a BrandScript. Ask questions that give multiple answers.”
  3. “Think ahead. Ask questions with the future in mind. AKA ask questions that help fill in future BrandScript buckets.”

The theme here, however, is to plan.

So, before engaging with the BrandScript, sit down for 5-10 minutes and think about what questions you want to ask per module – client-facing or your project.

This will help prepare your mind and allow you to be a bit nimbler once you begin crafting the actual BrandScript.

Begin Thinking About the BrandScript at the Outset of a Project


It’s also wise to begin thinking about the BrandScript at the outset of a project or during a sales call with a prospect.

This will save you time down the road.

Consider questions like:

  • “What is the goal of the project?”
  • “What is it that we’re selling?”
  • “Who are we trying to sell to?”
  • “How do people purchase this product/service?”

Again, this will save you tons of time when you create the BrandScript.

Before the BrandScript Session


Before you engage with the BrandScript, either on a team, by yourself, or with a client, in addition to the BrandScript template online, we’d recommend writing down the sections of the BrandScript in a blank document so you can easily capture information and move on.

Of course, you can always use a free BrandScript template by visiting mystorybrand.com.

Go with whichever method you prefer.

During the BrandScript Session


The best advice that we can offer when it comes to actually working on the BrandScript is to think from the perspective of your ideal customer.

This is ultimately who you’re designing your BrandScript for and who will buy your products/services.

So, it’s absolutely crucial to get inside their mind and craft the BrandScript from their point-of-view.

This is certainly true for the Character and Problem modules but also applicable for the CTA, Plan, and Transformation modules. Perhaps even more so.

Think from the perspective of the customer and tackle each module with their best interests in mind. We promise you won’t be disappointed when you launch your project, campaign, or whatever you’re creating the BrandScript for.

Oh, did you happen to take a look at the tip sheet? Here is is again, in case you missed it.



After the BrandScript Session


Once you’ve completed the BrandScript, then it’s time to polish it.

Drawing again from Wes Gay’s wisdom, he has three pointers that he shares for the post-BrandScript process:

  1. Turn your notes into complete sentences.
  2. Read it out loud.
  3. If you sound like a passionate televangelist about to raise some money for a private jet, you’re on the right track.

We’ve noticed that turning the points on the BrandScript into complete sentences has been helpful for both us and our clients. Do that and you’ll have some great copy to start with.

In Summary


This brings us to the end of our pointers on the StoryBrand BrandScript tip sheet.

Be sure to download that PDF if you haven’t already. You can do so below.



And if you have any pointers on the BrandScript, feel free to share them with us on Twitter.

We’re always looking to create better marketing materials for our clients.

Here’s to an efficient and effective BrandScript.

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