Which StoryBrand BrandScript Template Should I Use? PDF or Online?

Which StoryBrand BrandScript Template Should I Use? PDF or Online? image
Whether you’re working with a client or on your own business, the StoryBrand BrandScript can be an excellent tool to help you clarify a message.

But a question that we get sometimes is, “Should I print out the PDF version of the BrandScript and work on it that way? Or should I use the online version of the BrandScript?”

Our answer typically hinges on three things:

  1. Your needs
  2. What the client expects
  3. Your preferences

The following article will dive into these three questions and it will help you decide if you should use the PDF of the StoryBrand BrandScript or the online version.

First, begin by assessing your needs.


Assess Your Needs


Deciding if you should use the PDF or online version of the BrandScript begins with a quick assessment of your own needs.

Is this document simply something you need or does the team need to see it as well?

Is this a document you’re creating for yourself or are you looking to share it with a client?

Will this document be widely distributed, or will it sit on your computer for the time being?

These are a few questions that can help you figure out the need for the BrandScript.

If your BrandScript is more for internal or personal use, we recommend downloading the PDF and filling it out by yourself or with your team.

If you need to distribute the BrandScript, then we’d recommend the online version as the online version is easily shareable via a link.

After you understand what the need is behind your BrandScript, now it’s time to think a bit more deeply about the client if there is one.


Assess the Client


If you are working with a client or perhaps several clients, this will dictate which version of the BrandScript you decide to use as well.

If you’re conducting a workshop with multiple clients where each one will need their BrandScript, then a printed PDF is the way to go. That way they will be more focused on the task at hand and they’ll have something physical to take with them once leaving the workshop.

If instead, you’re working with one client, then an online version of the BrandScript might be the best. You’ll be able to collaborate and share the BrandScript online easily with the client.

When it comes to a client and the BrandScript, the version of the BrandScript you tend to use depends on the number of clients you’re working with, the need to collaborate, and the need to share the document.

Once you’ve determined the needs of the client(s), then it’s time to give thought to your personal preferences.


Assess Your Preferences


Once you’ve determined the need of the BrandScript and what the client is expecting, then it’s time to consider what type of BrandScript best suits you.

Are you more of an analog person or do you prefer the efficiency of working online?

Do you like to have adequate margins to scribble your thoughts or do you like the ability to re-write your BrandScript once new thoughts arrive?

If you’re more of an analog person who likes to take many notes, then a PDF version of the StoryBrand BrandScript would suit you.

If you like a clean look and the ability to add or subtract from your BrandScript, then the online version is for you.

The most important thing, however, is that you begin work on your BrandScript, no matter the form.

As you work with the BrandScript, you’ll determine which model suits you and you’ll begin to use that mode more often.


In Summary


To summarize, we’ve looked at the two modes of the StoryBrand BrandScript template – PDF and online.

We’ve identified and walked through some questions that will help you determine which BrandScript mode best suits you and your situation.

Finally, we’ve encouraged you to begin working on the BrandScript (any mode will do) as this will get you accustomed to the tool. After working with the BrandScript, you’ll be able to decide which version you prefer – PDF or online.

Which version of the BrandScript do you like to work with? Let us know on Twitter.

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